Sunday, April 12, 2009

Visit to pikom pc fair in klcc

After finish my test 2, i rush to kl and visit to the pc fair in klcc.....This time is my 4th time to here.
Compare to last few years, this year is less ppl visit to here.
Maybe it is bcoz our economics is out of the flying-pan into the fire.

Most of the ppl normally is carrying large large bags of pc items, but this year most of them are having clean hand from the hall....
Besides that, the promotions giving in the fair are getting bad to worst.
During this few years, normally retailers will keep calling and shouting for promotions. But this year they are all in normal statue.....

When will the global economics are getting well again???

How long will be occur??

What will be happen during this situation??

Where will it happen??

Hope that this day will be in beside us soon...........

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