Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The last day

Time flied!!
There still left another 30 minutes to step into the last month of the year of 2010-DECEMBER
December, month of the white snowy Christmas.
Full of happiness, warmness.....
I still left a month to fight for my POCKET MONEY!!

Do you guys/gals still have any "lubang" for me for my war??
I should do more to get more.

Working is my currently activity.
Doing the same thing everyday, every moment, every minute, every seconds....
I may pray hard to God for blessing me again and again!!

It's time to say:"Good night."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wonderful but busy weekend!!

Last weekend was a quite busy week for me...
I almost ate outside everyday.
No time for me to cook at home.
From Monday till Sunday, I went dinner 3 times in the restaurant.
And mostly like is this dinner.....Coz is my "uncle" 's weeding dinner.
Having this weeding dinner in a new restaurant near Seremban 2. 
Silver dragon with grand renovation!!
He is my youngest uncle in the family.
I would like to wish him Happy Marriage!! Hope you be father soon...hehehe
This is my first time saw my uncle so handsome leh!!wakakakakakakaka....
In normal days, he just in his short pants and t-shirt.
On that day, he looks like a SUPERSTAR!!!
I meet so many other relatives on that day.
Feel fun and happy...
I sit in our Chinese lucky number table which is 8!! HuAT AH!!! hUAT!!! HUAT!!

Really full of people...
People mountain people SEA!!

 Both of us are waiting for FOOD!!!hehehehe...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, HOLIDAY!!!

Finally, the semester ended with MUET!!
This morning I just finished my paper then terus drive back to home.
The paper is nice to write.
The main reason is I PAY FOR IT for RM60!!
So, I have to write what ever I like or I think.
RM 60 for only 4 papers.
Is it worth??
Actually, we just use few papers to answer the questions.
I have just only 90 minutes to complete the papers.*GOSH*
Can the time be more longer?
For my reading paper, I even not enough time to answer it due to the long passages given.
Most of them choose to tembak the answer, but I read it carefully so that no mistakes can be appear in my papers.
I hope I can do well and get well result for it.
Not only for MUET, but other subjects!!

Now, it's time for me to work during this long semester break.
I have to start my work on the coming Monday.
I will work in the same office.
Facing the same management, doing the same things, walking the same roads.....
Hopefully that the only will change is my SALARY!!!wakakakakakakakaka
Who else can provide me a great paid??
Come on, guys....be generous!!
I will do well for YOU!!
It's time to eat,sleep,play now!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Birthday wishes normally most of them hope to have a wonderful life style in the coming future.
Normally, we will wish we can get iPhone 4, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP,.....MONEY!!
But, for me, I am the special 1!!
My best wishes for my birthday wish is to have a little bit more hair grow on my head!!*Gosh*

I am a gal with a short hair...My hair are all slender.
When my hair is wet condition, I feel so shame!!

I think the most reason is I'm born with my mom's genetic!!
My mom is a woman with quite little hair la...
I am so "unlucky" to follow her gene!!
Haiz....my stupid sister used to laugh at my "botak" head!!*Gosh*
If I had RAPUNZEL'S HAIR, I think I will laugh until all my teeth drops!!*evil laugh*

As the follow video lol!!! wakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakaka!!!!
My Rapunzel hair will be the most popular topic in my hometown here...then I will become famous.
Even I can use my hair to swept the floor...*laugh*

Then I can save more energy to do other things...

Besides that, I can use my Rapunzel's hair as my wings, then I can fly where I wanna to be!!
I can save my air-ticket...

But if I have Rapunzel's hair, I scare I look stranger to human but a good friend with ANIMALS!!*laugh*

I may have the same hair one day....
I can be the Rapunzel too...
I want to see whether my hair longer than Rapunzel..Then on that time, I can be the REAL Rapunzel!!
The next movie will be Nick's hair!!!wakakakakakaka!!

The movie is coming soon!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

The last week in Malacca

The year of 2010 will be ended soon.
And now I am having my final examination.
Almost everyday having revision for some subjects.
But I really don't know why some one is so selfish to me??
They are having some important notes for certain subjects.
But, they do not want to share with me!!!
I feel so disappointing to them.
We are already in the same class almost 3 years.
But their attitudes are so TERRIBLE!!
Sometimes I feel like wanna to KILL them!!
Although this will not happen la, I hope to try IT!!
The way I release all stress, unhappiness!!
I went for a refresh yesterday!!
I meet her, them...
I feel so fresh after having a nice, relax refreshing!!
I drove a long journey, I feel tired.
I wanna to have a long rest.
Rest In Peace is the latest hope!!
Could I??
Can I??

The last jogging in the Jungle!! I wanna to run out lol....Bye!!=)