Saturday, November 6, 2010


Birthday wishes normally most of them hope to have a wonderful life style in the coming future.
Normally, we will wish we can get iPhone 4, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP,.....MONEY!!
But, for me, I am the special 1!!
My best wishes for my birthday wish is to have a little bit more hair grow on my head!!*Gosh*

I am a gal with a short hair...My hair are all slender.
When my hair is wet condition, I feel so shame!!

I think the most reason is I'm born with my mom's genetic!!
My mom is a woman with quite little hair la...
I am so "unlucky" to follow her gene!! stupid sister used to laugh at my "botak" head!!*Gosh*
If I had RAPUNZEL'S HAIR, I think I will laugh until all my teeth drops!!*evil laugh*

As the follow video lol!!! wakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakaka!!!!
My Rapunzel hair will be the most popular topic in my hometown here...then I will become famous.
Even I can use my hair to swept the floor...*laugh*

Then I can save more energy to do other things...

Besides that, I can use my Rapunzel's hair as my wings, then I can fly where I wanna to be!!
I can save my air-ticket...

But if I have Rapunzel's hair, I scare I look stranger to human but a good friend with ANIMALS!!*laugh*

I may have the same hair one day....
I can be the Rapunzel too...
I want to see whether my hair longer than Rapunzel..Then on that time, I can be the REAL Rapunzel!!
The next movie will be Nick's hair!!!wakakakakakaka!!

The movie is coming soon!!!


Sherry Degarmo said...

we did the same post

harold eswar said...

nice blog entry...come see mine!