Sunday, February 28, 2010

1 Malaysia

What is the meaning of this slogan which is launched by our Prime Minister??

Everyday, when we open the newspaper, all of us are talking about this topic.

This slogan is with terms and conditions.

Do you all know about it??

What is these terms and conditions?

Can you tell me??

I would like to know about it?

What 1 Malaysia do to us?

Chap Goh Mei

Today was the valentine in the Chinese Lunar calender.
Normally we will have a mandarin oranges 'throwing' session.

This is normally for the single.
Because they need their person next to them.

For me, today I will have a dinner with my family.
Then we normally sit in front the television and do what we want to.

These is quick boring activity to me.
For you, how about your Chinese Valentine??

I am single so no Valentine for me lol!!!
Damn kesian people here>.<

No wonder you are single or engaged or married, I would like to wish you
HAPPY CHAP GOH MEI & Happy Valentine!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Anyone know what is the equation of mine in my daily life??
Equation: Facebook+MSN=ME!!!

Any others equation for you?

Someone will think why it is a equation?
Is it a daily component to us?

For me, 2 things will not be less in my daily life.
Besides that, blogging also a not bad equation but I like Facebook+MSN!!

Although Facebook look easy, I think most of them addict in both things during daily activities.

Both things made life easy.

Human beings, let's made technology EASY!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Animations Appear

Those photos are taken during this CNY 2010...
Hope that I can get some comments in my photos.

Really need some comments.
Hopefully I will do the best again!!
Thank you.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Chinese New Year is totally finish after a week.
For me, my holiday is gone after a week.
In this Tiger New Year, I am happy because I meet up with my old kawan...

We 'Lou Sang',

We gamble,
We chit-chat,
We date,
We 3 8,

We travel,

We made noise,
We smile,
We laugh,

We missed each others,
We Are HAPPY!!!!

I am proud that I have many friends.
I am happy to meet them.
I missed them so much.

We miss up about N-years ago....

Although time flied, somethings not changed.
We are still the same....
We are BUDDY!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiger is totally HERE!!!

Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year.
This is the unforgettable day because we gather again.
After N-years, my family breaks up and now it joins up again.
I feel happy and proud that my father is the best Father IN THE WORLD!!!

Although something happen unhappy during this few years, he do well in the family.
He gives us the best ever I need.
He brings us happiness.
I am proud of HIM!!

Today, he is old...
He becomes older and older....older....
He stills healthy.
He stills the same.
He takes care me well...

He brings me to this full of wonderful,hope world.
He brings me up like now who am I.

I love HIM so much...much...much....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today is the 2nd day of Chinese New Year..
And normally, my relatives will visit to my house today for a small gathering.

And It's be sure my mom and me will wake up early in the morning to prepare the meal for them...

And normally we will made abalones, sea cucumbers, vegetables, and of course THIS!!!
The soup in nice and sweet enough...

Do you try to wash this??
I wash this using white vinegar and some potato powder...

I rub it using the powder and wash it using vinegar.
And finally I use hot water to do some 'kill bacteria' proses...

I just finished it today.
And my body get warm when I drink THIS!!!

You should try this during Chinese New Year..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

WOOHOOO...................Happy Tiger New Year...

This year will be a new new new new Year.....

Tiger is the famous animal this year.

In the 12 animals in the Chinese traditional calender, the tiger is the 3rd animal.

The tiger beer is sure be popular this year..*laugh*

I hope that all of us will have wonderful healthy, wealthy tiger year!!!

I am now ready for the Tiger Year tonight.


Hopefully that all of you will receive many ANGPAO!!!*laugh*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tiger is coming!!!

CNY is near to my house and my job started.

This weekend I am doing my house cleaning for this coming Tiger CNY....

Although there are 4 family members in my house including dad, mom, sis and me, they are all working area...

And for me, for the non-working area, I have to do all works at home as a 'part time maid'.

Every weekend seem that I will be back home on Friday, I will be my house special maid to clean my house and cook for them..

And yesterday I started cleaning since I woke up from the bed.

Firstly, I use the special mob which is borrowed from my aunt to clean the windows.

Then I start putting off all the curtains and put into the washing machine to wash.

I took off all the sofa's curtains to clean too.

Then I continue my washing session.

I clean all the micro dust in the cupboards and walls....

After 3 hours, I FINISHED IT!!!

But yesterday really not so good cause I didn't have any meal from the morning until the evening.

I terpaksa cook myself for dinner seem that my dad have to work at night.*GOSH*

But it is worth although i feel tired.

Because Chinese New Year 2010 is coming.

It just left for 7 days more.*laugh*

I want extra angpau money not angpau pack, dad,mom,sis!!!

Remember leh!!!*laugh*

Monday, February 1, 2010

short visit

Last weekend, I just went a short visit to my friend's hometown in a small town in Negeri Sembilan.

This town full of peacefulness, air fresh, nice scene.....

This town is BAHAU...

Bahau is the principal town of Jempol district, Negeri Sembilan.
The name Bahau is believed to have been derived from a Chinese phrase. Bahau is literally translated as "Horse's Mouth" while the nearby town, Mahsan means "Horse's Body" in Cantonese.

I had been in this town for 2 days.
Although it is a small area, it looks fresh for me.

My friend bring me to eat, drink, play....

I love the Laksa near the Pasar Besar Bahau.
This stall sell Laksa at night.
The stall is operate from 6pm until 12am.

The Laksa is so delicious.

The most special of this stall is the Mee Kering...
If you like to eat 'gan lao mian', you have to mention the boss which type of noodles do you want.
Because in Bahau, there are 2 types of Mee...
If you order Laksa, they will give you the kind of normally we eat in other places.
If you order 'gan lao mian', they will give you Wantan Mee....
The soup will be like that....
The short visit is ended with a pack of chicken rice and I went back college by bus on the Sunday afternoon.