Thursday, April 30, 2009

My sis convocation

Last few weeks, my daddy and i went to terengganu to attend my sis convocation. My sis is undergraduate in Diploma in computer programming. This time is the 6th convocation to her politeknik.
On the 21st April 2009, the convocation begun on 8.30am in the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Hall.
This convocation hold about 3 hrs.
We are all invited to enter in the hall with former dress-up.
After all the event ended, we snap down all the sweet memories.
Those pics are the sweet memories.....

Yaahoo....finally my sis graduated.....

Special event by Media Club

Yesterday nite our Media club held an special party for those semester 6 students who are nearly graduate. All accounting students need to attend themselves to this party.
My classmates are all going to sing for this event.
Our class 'joker' play guitar and all others sing the song.
Playing guitar....wu liao~~~

Boring until take photo inside the hall...

Our class performance has to be cancelled.
But luckily our class 'joker' represent us to sing with his guitar.

Then is our lecturer performance....
Our lecturer also sing on the stage....
The party ended at 12.30am...

Camp in Taman Botanikal, Melaka

On the 24 April 2009, I had been chosen from my college to attend a patriotism camp in Taman Botanikal, Melaka. This camp is hold by the Youth and Sport Department of the State Government of Melaka. This camp start on 24 April and end on the 26th April 2009. There 106 participants included 99 malays, 7 chinese and 10 indians. The purpose of organising this camp is to improve the patriotic between the youth. It also helps us to learn to be more independent.

On the 1st day, we are sent by the college bus to the camp site. After 45 minutes, we arrived at taman botanikal,melaka.
After waiting few minutes, we are all starting to walk-in to the 'little jungle'.
During walking, we saw many monkeys in both sides. There are many trees and plants.

After arrived in the 'jungle', we register our self. Then we do some cleaning in there.
They are sweeping the floor using legs...
Then we are having our 'high tea' in this 'high class' open air restaurant.
At the nite, we are attending the talk in the little hall.
After the talk, we take group photo with the sir.
This talk is all for non-muslim.
Here are some of them...

At the nite on the 1st day, we are all having a challenge inside the jungle.
We are all be called to walk alone along the jungle to reach a place with lights.
Along the walk, there are no lights provided.
We have to walk by feeling it.
Sometimes you will saw somethings beside you.
The walk takes me 10 minutes to reach the destination.
1 of the girl felt scary until she cried.

During the walk, I dun feel anythings, coz i m very tired and sleepy.
I continue walking until i reach the destination.

The next day, we are attending the 'ceramah' in the whole day.
Because of yesterday nite din sleep well, I doing' finishing' during all the ceramah.
I try making myself vigor, but i cant do it.
In this day, there are totally 4 ceramah and all talking abt ALLAH.

At 5pm, we are doing sukan neka in the field.
That is feeling better beside sitting in the hall listening those 'rubbish'.
I had involved myself in 3 activities.
I feel very fun.
This time i stop 'fishing'!!!

On the same nite, we are giving a chance to do performance.
Our group is doing dancing on tat nite.
Some are doing sketch.
A boy is propose with his 'girl friend'.
So romantic......

On the 3 rd, it also the last day in the camp, we all having jungle trekking.
Besides jungle trekking, we also having station games.
I feel myself is training like in the national service.
We have to do physical training, 'spa-Q',walking on the river......

The camp ended at 26 April 2009 on 3 pm.

These are my group members.

1 of my friend from politeknik merlimau.

friend from politeknik kota melaka

our college representative....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Terengganu trip....[Day 3]

Tdy is my last day in terengganu.
During the journey, i had record the Petronas gas making company in Kerteh here.
Below is the video clip:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terengganu trip....[Day 2]

This morning i went to have my breakfast at town area.
I ordered a cup of 'barley' and a plate of 'wat tan ho' for my breakfast.

After that, we went to take a look of this small place.I saw some old building with the hand-made styles sign board.These buildings are all made of wood.Although those are old buildings, they maintain it well.

Then we step into the village site and have a look.

I saw a place which wan chean make her small concert here.
This place is in Dungun, Terengganu.
*The End*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Terengganu trip....[Day 1]

Starting from tdy, I will not in malacca and seremban coz i m being in terengganu for few days.
This time is my 7th times going to terengganu.
Each time i go this place, I feel different when i being in this place.
As usual, we will start our journey at around 2pm.
Then, we will pass through Bahau, Muazam Shah, Gambang,Kuantan, Kemaman, Chukai, Kerteh, Paka,Dungun, Kuala Terengganu.
This journey takes me 7 hours to reach Terengganu.
Although it is a long journey, I still enjoy in this journey.
On the way i travel here, I saw many many many.....
The 1st stop is in Kerteh McDonald.
We have our break at here, then we continue our journey.
In Kerteh,we pass by this place is a place where our Petronas gas centre located.
At here, we can see all the day the fire burning of gas is operating whole days.
The fire burning the gas will never end until the process is complete.

At about 8.30pm, we finally reach at here....
After having our dinner in a small restaurant.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Tdy i m very happy coz i received sum1 call tat she/he already received the thing i post to her/him..
I realized tat she/he already put down the big stone in her/his heart and start our relationship from beginning...
I really need somebody encourage me in
my life time.

I knew that my friend of this will always in my mind.
I will always remember those things that we do,face and etc in last time.
I really happy when i received your call.
When i heard from you, I realized that you are now very happy compare to that time you faced problem.
I am looking forward to your future life time.
Keep on, my friend.

Although you are far from me, but I will always remember you in my mind forever.
Please let all your worried away.
May God Bless You!!!
Happy Birthday To You.....

Hope sadness gone soon.
Happiness is always beside you.
Keep it On, Friend.
Everything in this world will still on wherever what mood are you in.
Don't pull yourself too tight.
Suitable rest help us to walk much longer journey in life.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Get my new camera...

This morning daddy bring back me a new camera...


My daddy buy a Nikon L18 camera for me.

Although it is a small camera, but it can help me in everywhere and everything.

I will take it to record everything that happen in my life.

This camera will helps me to remember those things that happen in my life time.

I will show it to you all next time...*laugh*


Now a days, many people are talking about enzymes...
Many types of enzymes being in the market, such as fruit enzymes,rubbish enzymes,garbage enzymes and etc.
How to make fruit enzymes at home??

It's very easy to do it urself.
You just need to follow the steps below, and you will make it during free time.

The ingredients include:
-20 green apples
-6 lemons
-500 g organic sugar

The steps:

(1) Wash the fruits and let them air dry.

(2) Wash the jars, knife, peeler, chopping board and air dry them.

**It’s important to have everything dry without water, to prevent contamination, growing mold or bad bacteria.

(3) When everything is dry, you can start peeling the apples and lemons and cut them into slices.

(4) Lay one layer of the apple slices in the jar, one layer of sugar, one layer of lemon slices, one layer of sugar, and continue this process until the jar is full.

(5) Close the jar and put it at a corner without direct sunlight.

(6) You should see bubbles forming on the second days.

(7) On the third day, open the jar to let the bubbles out.

(8) Close back the jar and let the fermentation goes on for another 2-3 weeks.

(9) Sieve the liquid out and you can use the remnants to make jam or drink.

Happy making enzymes at home!!!!

Finally gt it...yaahoo...

This decision i Had made it long time before...and finally today i did it...
This morning I start my 1st step to step in my investment life.I went to the ECMLibra investment bank to open my CDS and Trading account. This step is the most important step that help me get into the investment orientation...
Now a days, the global economics start growing back into the normal.
Today our Malaysia composite start turn into green and few of the shares turn up today.....
The commerce[CIMB share] turn to 8.000increase 0.100 from the morning.

We can always check the update in this link :
Our income is now getting lower,lower and lower.Putting money into bank for saving and get few interest would rather get yourself into investment is better than keep on suffering from money...

Think from now..
It can help you in better future..

Worst athletes from whom to ask financial advice

Turning to your favorite athletes or former sports star for financial advice might seem to make sense – they deal with a lot of numbers and stats all year long – but trust us, they are hardly the ones to seek out.

Blessed with millions of dollars at a young age, professional athletes often seem more concerned with inane spending and unwise investments than savings accounts and 401Ks. And that doesn’t even mention their tax return mistakes, of which there are enough to make Timothy Geithner embarrassed. From fleets of cars to yachts to entourages to even Bengal tigers, the ways some athletes chose to spend their money is comical at best and ignorant at worst.

In August of 2007, a federal marshal seized Latrell Sprewell’s $1.5 million yacht (famously named “Milwaukee’s Best”) after Sprewell had failed to pay his mortgage on the boat. He also lost his house, and now the state of Wisconsin has filed a lawsuit for unpaid taxes. This all, of course, comes after Sprewell turned down a three-year, $21-million contract, saying, “I have a family to feed.”

Some athletes prefer to travel extravagantly by land instead of sea, however. Take former Red Sox slugger Jack Clark, for example. One story says Clark was once on his way to the ballpark for a game when he passed a car lot. Clark saw something he liked and dropped in to buy two sports cars for $90,000 each before continuing on to the game. At the time he filed for bankruptcy, Clark still owed money on 17 of his 18 automobiles.

Clark and Sprewell lost their fortunes in a hurry, but perhaps there’s no faster fall from grace than Michael Vick. In 2006, Sports Illustrated estimated that Vick made $25.4 million. Now, he owes well over $10 million to a variety of different companies. How did Vick go from being one of the highest paid athletes to owing millions? The entourage didn’t help, especially since he was spending about $300,000 a month to support friends and family. But a bigger financial gaffe was entrusting his money to a woman who is now banned from working with any firm that trades on the NYSE because she bilked two old women out of $150,000, and a man who’s been accused of defrauding church members. His finances were such a mess that the bankruptcy judge appointed a trustee to help him out. But don’t feel sorry for Vick just yet – in an effort to pay down his debt, Vick will be selling three of his six homes.

Yachts? Six homes? That’s more luxurious than what most of us get to enjoy, but it’s nothing compared to the spending done by Mike Tyson. He might be the most well-known fighter of his generation, but if there was one thing Tyson was better at than boxing, it was spending money. In 2003, he filed for bankruptcy after his debt reached over $27 million, about half of which was to the IRS. What was he spending all his money on? For starters, two Bengal tigers for $140,000, for which he also had to pay a trainer $125,000 a year. But that was just a drop in the bucket. There was also the $4.5 million he spent on cars, and perhaps the most inane purchase of all, a bathtub for his first wife, Robin Givens, at a cost of $2 million.

While you may look to guys like these for guidance on which sneakers to wear or which car to drive, it’s probably best to leave the financial advising to tax pros, and not pro athletes.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I m suffering for money

In this down economics statue,every 1 of us are suffering for money to survive in this world....I am also 1 of the 100000000000000000 million ++ peoples.....

Who can help me????????

I need help now.........

WhO will help me now???
How can ppl help me?

I am now looking a part time job during my semester break in this 2 months.
I am looking for a typist, data entry and etc. which can be done it at home.
I will accept all the jobs that I can handle it well and complete as soon as possible.
Those things that help me to increase my income I will totally accept it.
Besides doing those jobs, I also can be a volunteer in each field.

If any one needs a person like me, please contact me at

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Visit to pikom pc fair in klcc

After finish my test 2, i rush to kl and visit to the pc fair in klcc.....This time is my 4th time to here.
Compare to last few years, this year is less ppl visit to here.
Maybe it is bcoz our economics is out of the flying-pan into the fire.

Most of the ppl normally is carrying large large bags of pc items, but this year most of them are having clean hand from the hall....
Besides that, the promotions giving in the fair are getting bad to worst.
During this few years, normally retailers will keep calling and shouting for promotions. But this year they are all in normal statue.....

When will the global economics are getting well again???

How long will be occur??

What will be happen during this situation??

Where will it happen??

Hope that this day will be in beside us soon...........

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Unlucky day [PART 2]

cTdy is oso an unlucky day to me!!!!
Yesterday nite i juz call my sis bank-in money for me, then tis afternoon after i take out the money from bank I LOST IT AGAIN!!!!!@~@

Why me again?????







tdy actually i get the money from ATM for lunch.
Then after having lunch, and finished packing my dinner[tang shui]
I get into my car.
when i return to my college,i start checking my things.
then i realized that my money....
I drop it within 1 hrs...........

为什么我这么粗心大意???? i getting poorer and poorer and poorer again........
This 2 days i totally drop Rm 80, average Rm 40 per day!!!!

I must find a solution to solve this problem.
Now i m finding a financial clerk to help me jaga money!!!

For further information,
Plz contact me at

I won't let tis incident happen again in my life................


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unlucky day

Tdy is a BAD DAY to me......
Tis morning as usual i wake up at 10am. After wake up from bed, I went bath and wash my clothes in the toilet....
When doing washing in the toilet, my room mate cum in and talk wit me.Then i ask her to help me take my hangers to me.
Then she went bck to room.....
After finished hanging my clothes outside,we plan to go out for lunch.
Then i start changing my clothes.

After few minutes

When i pull out my drawer and try to take out my purse,
I found that my purse is gone......

Then i try to find it in all the corner in my room.......
But i cnt find it.........
This is my 2nd times lost my purse!!!!!

Then i try to find my hostel warden and tell her the incident happen......
Although my purse is lost, but i face it as normal.......


Sunday, April 5, 2009

DiGi Fu-Yoh! Street Blast

Where and When!
2nd June 2007 7pm till late!
Padang Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu

Featuring : Estranged, Lo, Siarra, Disagree, Stylustiks, Joe Flizzow & Kartel Crew, DJ T-Bone

9th June 2007 7pm till late!
Kuching Amphitheatre, Sarawak
Featuring : Lo, Liang, Gerhana Ska Cinta, Joe Flizzow & Kartel Crew, Urban Method, DJ T-Bone Fu-Yoh!’s X-Games and B-Boy Crews!

How to score invites:
Fu-Yoh! Users: You WILL receive your SMS invite! Just flash the SMS at the door with ONE (1) friend to get in!

DiGi users: Call 016 22 11 800 to subscribe to DiGi Prepaid Fu-Yoh!

Not A DiGi User? Easy! Run to your nearest DiGi centre and activate DiGi Prepaid Fu-Yoh! to be part of this great party and loads more hype events to come!
Be quick- The first 100 Fu-Yoh! subscribers to come will get to hang out with their favourite artistes.

Come and join us over here....

for further information, plz log on to

Saturday, April 4, 2009

cheng ming festival

Tdy as normal, my family and i go to pray my grandpa and grandma in sendayan memorial park...
Actually tis festival is the day which let the younger generation to commemorate our elders tat pass away.
But now a days,our youngsters have forgotten the meanings of this festival.
They go there for eating,playing and even picnic....

eating pizza in front of the sad>.< >

Conclusion is please be respect to our elders and dun do open burning beside memorial them!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A short trip to melaka....

Tdy actually is sch day.....but v decide to go to visit melaka after class!!!
since thr is a cancellation of class, so v plan to go melaka jalan-jalan....
the 1st place tat v visit in the mini Malaysia located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka.
it is 5 minutes from Ayer Keroh Tol.U can find it after u pass by the Hotel Seri Malaysia. It is at ur left hand side.

The entrance fee is Rm 6 per person.If u bring along ur matrix card, u will get a discount from them.
These r sum description abt Mini Malaysia:
1. Mini Malaysia is a place to explore the various types of traditional Malaysian houses in 13 states in Malaysia.

2. At present, the collection of structures is not quite complete as those from the countries just accepted into ASEAN have not been erected yet.

3.Although the designs and structures of the houses are similar, they are by no means identical. Each has a variation according to the lie of the land, the weather and the animals that share the land with the people.

Then v continue our journey to the Melaka Zoo which is located 10 meters from here.....

Some introduction abt Melaka Zoo:
1.Zoo Melaka was originally established by the Melaka State Government in 1963 atop 54 acres (21.2 ha) in Ayer Keroh as a fledgling tourist destination.

The Zoo currently features a handsome collection of more than 1,200 animals from the world over. Representing more than 200 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

3.The Zoo is also renowned around the world for its Malayan Tiger captive breeding program.

4.Zoo Melaka also functions as a center for wildlife research, conservation breeding, zoo education center and a popular tourist destination along the following areas.


Finally, v went to hv our lunch in Dataran Pahlawan opposite the Mahkota Parade.

Although it was a short trip, but v felt very happy and enjoyable.Besides study, v hv to know how to relax our brain and enjoy our life.During resting, v can think more for our future.Living in tis world is not for juz study and also learn to be more knowledgeable. Study in books can help us to increase our knowledge in few field.But if v learn from the environment besides us, u will get more compare to the things tat we learn from the books.Tat means besides travel, v also learn to manage ourself in the true path.....Travel can also grow up our mind....If u think to do now, get though!!!Dun wait until time past....