Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My weekend

Such a busy month for me...
Last weekend really TIRED!!
I went up to the north with my lovely public transport- BUS!
A big long story to tell you guys...
Do you try before??
Take the same KTM from KL Sentral to Subang within 1 hour??
I feel so BORED to take twice a day!!
All about my "good" brother!!
Our conversation started like that....

Me: Gor, I am in Subang Jaya KTM now...
Bro: Okay, I am in office now. You walk to Subang Empire and wait me at the G floor la..I will come down to fetch you to my office...( his office is in the 7th floor in Subang Empire)
Me: Ok!!
(After 3 minutes, I arrived!!)
Me: Gor, I am at G floor now...
Bro: Okay, I will come down now.....wait me!!
(After 5 minutes, he is here..)
Bro: Hey, where you want to go now? How you want to go Soon gor 's place?
Me: I want to wait him here or Sunway Pyramid also can la...
Bro: What time he will finish his work? Or you want me to send you to his office?
Me: Okay also la, I tell him now...
Bro: Let's go now...
Me: Okay!
(After 30 minutes)
Bro: Okay la..I left you here la..Bye!!
Me: OMGGggggggggggggggggGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH!! WTF!! WHY AM I HERE AGAIN?? KL SENTRAL???what's wrong???

I have to take again the only transportation to get back to Subang Jaya!!
*SHIT* What to do now??
Have to squeeze in again!
Conclusion is Don't call him send me again!!
And my week ended with those photos....
Here comes some productions!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fireflyz on AIR now!!

Walao weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......................
Finally I find YOU!!
A big GREAT NEWs from YOU!!
I am waiting for YOU long long time ago!!
And NOW, is NOW, HERE!!!

Yes!! It's YOU- Fireflyz!!

Launched on April 3, 2007, Firefly, your community airline, is operated by Fly Firefly Sdn Bhd, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysian Airline System Berhad. 
Operating out of the Penang and Subang hubs initially and now the Main Terminal Building of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Firefly provides connections to various points within Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Singapore and Sumatera of Indonesia, aligning itself with the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) agenda.
Fireflyz now is having offer now!! 
The low fare tickets are being around ME now!!!
Just surf the web!!
And I got THIS!!

I just helped my aunt book for her holiday in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for her holiday...
Then I manage to get the cheap tickets leh!!
Now I know, not only AirAsia (EVERYONE CAN FLY), 
but Fireflyz (Your Community Airline)!!!
I get the ticket per person just cost me RM58 for 2 ways!!
Really cheap leh!!

I believe that fireflyz can also made US fly!!!
Because their aim is to bring communities closer by overcoming geographical constraints through our network of point-to-point flights, link the world to the communities we serve and contribute to local economies by growing trade and tourism. 
Thanks to our code-share arrangements with Malaysia Airlines, we’re also able to introduce the wonders of Southeast Asia to travelers from beyond this region.

YOU CAN DO IT, fireflyz!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Streamyx??? TmPoint???

Internet, a component that cannot be away from my life every moment.
From the beginning of the month, I already get such services from our dearest Streamyx!!!
They provide me a "good" service for my internet....
The speed totally can't made me do anything from the web...
I need a fast speed internet!!!
Streamyx really SUCK!!!
I do my complains N times, but they still give me such F*** services!!
What for I pay so much for it, but I get THIS!!!
Even the speed meter too, I can't do any speed test from Streamyx portal....
I used P1WiMAX speed meter to test it!!!
Really stupid line giving me headache!!
I need to download with such turtle's speed??? *gosh*

What can I do now????
My hometown not coverage area for P1WiMAX also!!!
How to solve such headache problem???
I try 3 times!!!
The speed really..........................*speechless*

1st time, it gives me this!!!

 2nd time, it gives me this!!

 3rd time, it gives me THIS!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My 1st Time being here- Taman Pertanian Shah Alam

Today, a nice Saturday, a sunny day with great weather!!
I woke up early in this great morning.
Thanks, God.
After clean-up myself, the journey started with a great breakfast of a bowl of Pan Mee....=)

Then, my brother drives us to the park.


A place I wish to go since N years ago......
And today, I reached here.....
Let's grab some photos here.....

We "plan" to have a bicycle rental there when we 1st step in here.
But, we can't get even we wait for it!!
Because today, Saturday + School Holiday = MANY HUMANsssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Equation, final decision = No. 1 1 bus + WALK with our LEG!!

There are actually 2 parts in this big forest.
We walk for the 1st part which is just 3.5km from the entrance to the place for Skytrek Adventure.
Then, it took us almost 30 minutes to reach there.
It was really TIRED!!! My body was full with "water."
The sweat runs down like raindrops from my head to my leg!!!*hebat*
After this walk, finally we decide to take the bus get back to the entrance!!*haha*
Then, we changed another bus to the other part!!

The park is full with these big,old trees.

The rain forest!!
There is a Agro Forestry Conservatory...
It is near Skytrek Entrance.

The day ended with this animal park...

The day ended with a great lunch in Klang.
Moon Hou Restaurant , a old stylish restaurant with those aunties....
Should try if you are nearby....
Quite delicious dishes...air-codded!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The world starts to warn US

Just few hours before, in the other side of the global, our neighborhood, Japan is being destroy!!
This nightmare had make most of them lost everything in just a second.
Tsunami, a big earthquake, made the whole world not even Japan, but also some others places like Hawaii, Philippines, Sabah, Labuan, etc. become debris.

Why it HAPPENED???
Human beings, we should awake now!!
Please safe the world now!!
Reduce such human beings' disaster now!!

Tsunami is going to attack Russia too....

Guys and gals, let's pray hard to the world.
Please don't made our world end on 2012!!
Hope all my Japanese friends are being okay!!
Take care!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last week occassion

Last week, just done my renewal for my passport!!
This day is not lucky for me...
I wasted so much money, time and also spirit....

Coz I am SUCKSssssss!!
Waiting for 1 hour to get my new passport...
Playing camwhore at there!!
Taking pics every where!!

Playing with my friend's ipod touch!!

 At the night, celebrated my room mate's birthday!
Happy Belated Birthday, Pika!!