Saturday, December 26, 2009


I am just came back from Sunway Pyramid for my Year End Sales!!(YES)

The B brand & G brand are totally crazy sales today.

B brand is having 1/2 price discount sales.

While G brand is having a BUY 1 FREE 1 sales.

But for me, both brands are so attracted...*laugh*

And I ran to both shops for my crazy time!!

Normally, in those normal days, the fitting rooms are all clear, but for today, there are all FULLY BOOKED!!!*walao*

I totally ran off places for me to have a fit.

Then I just take those stuffs and paid it.

Both brands are totally in CRAZY MODE!!!

The G brand's store closed the shop and need not let people go in.

They just open the shop on 3pm.

Is this CRAZY??????

I am in over budget mode now!!!*sad*

I have to close my purse and say "Good Bye'' to all things!!!*sad*

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A good place for all photographers

A place to take good photos-Penang...
A 2nd post for me to introduce this place-Penang.
A place quick nice for us to take nice photos with emotions!!!!

I like this place most because the scene is Damn NICE!!!

Actually, if you want to most beautiful scene, you should have a nice emotion on the day you work for it!!

I went there last week.
And we have a wonderful day during this trip.
We wake up at 5.30am and start our journey to Penang Hill.

We wait for the sun raise.

This is my 1st time waiting for it!!!
I think it is worth although I just sleep for 5 hours.

When the time arrive, you will get what I mean.
When you get something special, you will feel differently.
I loves this trip so much.
When the photos which you take is you love, then you will...

This is my favorite photos during this trip!!

Thank you very much!!
A wonderful memory to me in this year end trip!!!2009!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Penang trip 2009

Finally, i am back from this wonderful, nice trip!!
A big thank you to Mr.Pheh It How who accompany us in this wonderful trip.
Besides sight-seeing, I took quick many photos in this trip.

We start our trip with 1 cup of tea.

After 5 hours, we arrived at Sg.Nibong bus station.

who is from Penang, fetch us there.
Then we go for our 1st meal in Penang here.
We had our Char Kuey Teow at a food court near Air Hitam.

Then we continue our trip to have our next meal....*laugh*

In this trip, I learn a word-"打底'' *laugh*
Because every meals are served in small size!!*sad*

P.S://this is only day 1...i will be upload it on my next post, because 1 time can only upload 5 photos.
Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

boring again

I am totally boring!!!!





Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh My God!

I am gonna to have my small operation for my teeth.
I went to the dental yesterday.
Doctor told me that my teeth inside my mouth is full and there is no more place for the new teeth.
The new teeth are coming out.
And i feel pain everyday.
I took X-ray for my teeth.

They referred me to the head of specialist.
I will be in the hospital on the 4th January 2010.

Singapore trip

Besides heading for volunteer job, i visit there again.
I stay at Nanyang Technology University's hostel.
Thanks to Pei Jun for the stay over her room.
Thanks Xiao Mei, Pei Jun, Zhe Xue,Mei Yi for their accompany me to every corner in Singapore.
Thanks Zhe Xue who brings us to TCC for our dinner.
Thanks Mei Yi for our breakfast in Toast Box and our lunch in Ichiban-Sushi in Jurong Point.
Thanks Pei Jun for the accommodation
I stay here!!!*laugh*
Great day in Singapore..
Nice Christmas decoration at Orchard Road...

Singapore Marathon 2009

I just came back from Singapore yesterday.
It was a tired trip for me.
Besides being a volunteer in SG Marathon 2009, I also went shopping in those Big biG shopping complex.*laugh*

The trip is fun, but i feel tired.....

I went here and there without any stop, rest....

On the 1st day, i do my job near City Hall which is a quick big field.
I started my work at 7.30pm and end up at 7.30am.
I play a role to jaga all food!!*laugh*
The most easier job for me...*wakakakakkakaka*
Others are all feel tired...*laugh*
My position will be end at the midnight....
After that, the food all been thrown..*sad*
Haiz....>.< so bad!!!!

Conclusion: Tired, waste.............

Monday, December 7, 2009

Singapore end!!

I am coming back today.
But haven't confirm the date i travel back KL....
I will stop by at JB to meet up someone.
Then later go Skudai, then see what to do 1st.

The confirmation date will be...................

See you all in KL!!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


In my hometown, there is a place called 'triangle corner'.
If you are same hometown with me, u surely know where is it located...
Yesterday night, after a short rain, my dad and me went there for our hungry stomach!!!

This stall is well-known in Thai dishes.
This bowl of noodle you should try it!!
Thai Tomyam Noodles
the taste is good..
if you loves spicy, hot....
You should try this!!!
Although it is cheap(rm 4.00), it taste good!!!
It is a big bowl, with 4 prawns, fish slides,vegetables,......
Only rm4.00, you can eat as much as you can!!

Should go and try now!!!
If not, you will regret!!!

In this stall, they also sell
Thai style Fried rice,Thai TomYam soup,Pork Noodles,Chao Kuey Teow....

Still wait for what now????
Take your car key, and drive to Seremban to enjoy your dishes here!!!*laugh*

Finally, I get it!!

Today i just go back to Sunway.
This time i really rush back there.
Purpose is: take my MRT card to Singapore on this coming Friday.
WT...... *laugh*

Only a card, I rush there and go back again to Seremban within 5 hours.....*laugh*

After complete my mission, I get into Sunway Pyramid and get my lunch in ZenMai Sushi....
Not bad...*laugh*
Quick nice food with nice environment.....
Cooks are all handsome guys!!*laugh*
Food are all in good taste compare to the old days....*laugh*

Then, walk through the old wings.....
And i realize that i want to have some donuts for my auntie and mom...

Then ran there...
Krispy Kreme!!!
This is it...
I bought 2 dozen for them....
Original glazed & Mixed glazed with other favorite....Not bad..
This 2 dozen should with 1 dozen for the original glazed...WT!!!!
Why can't i have all mixed favorite???

It costs me rm 37.90 for 2 dozen!!
Is it worth?
It worth for my stomach....*laugh*