Saturday, December 26, 2009


I am just came back from Sunway Pyramid for my Year End Sales!!(YES)

The B brand & G brand are totally crazy sales today.

B brand is having 1/2 price discount sales.

While G brand is having a BUY 1 FREE 1 sales.

But for me, both brands are so attracted...*laugh*

And I ran to both shops for my crazy time!!

Normally, in those normal days, the fitting rooms are all clear, but for today, there are all FULLY BOOKED!!!*walao*

I totally ran off places for me to have a fit.

Then I just take those stuffs and paid it.

Both brands are totally in CRAZY MODE!!!

The G brand's store closed the shop and need not let people go in.

They just open the shop on 3pm.

Is this CRAZY??????

I am in over budget mode now!!!*sad*

I have to close my purse and say "Good Bye'' to all things!!!*sad*

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