Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A good place for all photographers

A place to take good photos-Penang...
A 2nd post for me to introduce this place-Penang.
A place quick nice for us to take nice photos with emotions!!!!

I like this place most because the scene is Damn NICE!!!

Actually, if you want to most beautiful scene, you should have a nice emotion on the day you work for it!!

I went there last week.
And we have a wonderful day during this trip.
We wake up at 5.30am and start our journey to Penang Hill.

We wait for the sun raise.

This is my 1st time waiting for it!!!
I think it is worth although I just sleep for 5 hours.

When the time arrive, you will get what I mean.
When you get something special, you will feel differently.
I loves this trip so much.
When the photos which you take is you love, then you will...

This is my favorite photos during this trip!!

Thank you very much!!
A wonderful memory to me in this year end trip!!!2009!

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