Monday, September 28, 2009

Pd trip

I am just came back from Pd yesterday.
I really had a wonderful time with my family and friends.
This raya having a damn boring holiday, but after few days i am having a nice, relaxing holiday!!

Thanks to everyone who bring me to the wonderful time.

I had been so long time leaving from those peaceful and comfortable sea..

When you listen to the sea, and enjoying the sea breeze you will......
The warm sunshine bring you to the world of peaceful.....
When sea water spread on your legs, the comfortable is different from the water we bath...
The smell of the sea water is something that we are to imagine...
In this Pd trip, during our way back we found a new destination..
This place located in a very mystery place- Oil Palm Field
In this field, there is a hot spring water....

The place is a big water hole.
The source of the hot water is from the ground.

This hot water like our Pedas Hot Spring.
More than 100 degree Celsius!!!!
Look my sole of the foot...
Look red after 1 minute...
Time pass like Ferrari!!!
Time to say goodbye to PD!!
Bye!!!My wonderful Port Dickson....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Daily Life

In this Raya holiday, I am damn boring...
Everyday alone at home...
Then ran to Subang, bro's place.
Sleep, eat, on9...
Having cheese cake alone...

Totally boring holiday..

Today moving my 'home' to PD.
Stay tune..more updates coming on!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

15 Malaysia

On the 16th September 2009, 15 Malaysia finally end with the last short clip...
Since 15 Malaysia is on, many of the Malaysians feel that we are
Those short clips are description of our Malaysians' life.
The last clips is Rojak!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gathering with frens...

Finally we are gather..
Since year 2007, we are graduated from high school, we are in different places.
The last gathering was in year 2007 when we are going to leave our high school.
Today 17th September 2009, after 2 years, WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN!!!
Since i was holiday now, so i decide to have a lunch session in my hometown with my ex-schoolmates.
In the early morning, when i post my status in fb, all my ex-schoolmates comment on it.
Wao.....what day is today??
Why all of them not in school??
Then we chat in MSN.
Actually we plan to go out at night, but since they are having tuition in the night so we plan to have a lunch session in Tarot Cafe.
We meet each others at about 1.30pm.
Then we started chit-chat there after ordering our meals and drinks.

Today we are having those foods and drinks here.
We are having a wonderful chat today...
Time pass like wind...
We are now 19th years of age.
Friends bring us enjoyable time.
I love you, friends!!!
Hope that our friendship will never end till our life end.

More photo in facebook...
It is a nice day...
Don't 4get our day trip on this coming Tuesday. *laugh*

Monday, September 14, 2009

mother love

What is Mother Love?
Do I have a chance to feel it anymore?
Can I get it from my mom?
Why it can happen in others people, but not me??
Mother Love is the great love in this world.
Child without Mother Love will be shirted out from this world.
They will destroyed their future.
When the children go bad, they will turn out in the world full of negative thinking.
Mother Love can't replace with money.
Mother Love is most valuable thing in this world.

Last Friday, when i am in the ktm on my way to Subang Jaya, there is a really touching tableau appear in front of me--------Mother Love
The scene happen with.....
This is a Indonesian family.The baby was born in last 4 months.
They are from Nilai. From the beginning, the baby girl is normal.
But after 5 minutes, the baby girl cry.
She is hungry.
I think the parents will give her milk in the bottle.
The mother give her breast feed in the train.
OMG!!!! So many people inside the train, how to feed???
As I say, Mother Love is great.
The mother put a cloth on the baby, then cover her.
Then the mother lift her shirt then start to feed the baby.
If this happen to me when I am a baby, I am the most well-being person in this world.
This will not happen to me again.
Actually I feel I am the luckiest.
I grown up in the normal family although with some unhappy story.
But, my dad give me the great things since i was born.
Although i lack of Mother Love, I have many others people love me.
They get me the wonderful life.
Thank God!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last Friday!!

actually this week is my test 1...
But i ran here ran there....
Friday din have test so we ran to Tampin and Malacca....
We took a bus to Tampin to have a short visit to hua's auntie place....
She own a noodles stall...
She belanja us to eat.....
I had order a bowl of laksa...
When you eat laksa, you should add-on some little ''oyster''~
then you add some chilies....
sure you will get a different taste~~
MUST TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we ran off around Tampin here...
This is my 1st time in this place.
Although it is so near from my college, i seldom went there....
SEE.............I AM A GOOD GIRL!!!
Then we took bus ran back to Alor Elephant!!!
It just took us about 25 minutes from Tampin to Alor Elephant!!!

After few minutes......
We are back to origin!!!
I straight away drove to Malacca...
On the way to Malacca, I saw a new style Jalur Gemilang..

All the 14 states flags are join together...
It is so underneath with our new slogan......
Satu Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan,Pencapaian Diutamakan!!!

We went shopping at Dataran Pahlawan.
At about 6.30pm, we went Jonker Walk...

I saw something new here...

It is a guest house...
Slogan: Bed & Breakfast here!!!
It is very nice place...
In front of this building is shop selling souvenirs, and behind is a guest house...

'Slovak Sling' by Woo Ming Jin - Chinese Subtitles - 15Malaysia