Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Waazaa!!!! Finally, I join Project Alpha Session 2 for this wonderful month.
This is my 1st time write for Project Alpha Session 2.
This week is the 9th week for this month.

In this 21st century, everyone in this world of high-tech we should not lack off being in the internet.
And because we have a chance to do more with this world full of hope and wishes with this-BROADBAND!!!
Now, P1 WIMAX provide us this chance for getting in easy and launching it easy.

P1 WIMAX provide the greatest technology for all Malaysians.
We are the luckiest because we live with P1 WIMAX....
They are now giving us WIGGY to get easy life.
WIGGY promises instant satisfaction with up to 10Mbps speed!!!

The most special is it is a ultra small and ultra light broadband compare to others.
It is a pocket size WIGGY!!!
Besides that, it is also an advanced MIMO design.
It means that although WIGGY is tiny in size it provides big performance!!!
This is because having a great broadband provide you a good job performance!!!
If you haven't get through of this, please check at HERE!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Neww Toy

I am just received a new toy from my lovely brother.
He just gift me a new hand-phone!!!

It's my new Nokia E71~~~

Because it is new to me and I am now busying learning to handle this smart phone!!

Wanna to thank my brother!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Red Here!!!

Yaahoo!!!!=D I'm finally join them there!!

Thanks Nuffnang Malaysia and Gatsby Malaysia for this Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair 2010 and THE LARGEST BLOGGERS' GATHERING!!!

I am proud and happy to join with Nuffnang because We are in the MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORD!!!

I am so excited and happy to attend this big event in Berjaya Times Square last 2 weeks.

On this graceful day, we had a lot of fun and many games were held on that lively day!!

In that morning, many bloggers spring up in front of the register counters with their happy and excited.
Specially thanks to all bloggers and also Nuffnang in this event.

The participants are all RED!!
To succeed us in the MBR, we turn on ourselves with THE RED!!!

I get this bag with those stuffs inside and it is a wonderful recycle and reuseable bag!!
Those games were quick fun and we feel enjoyable.

It seem that funny when they fight up!!!
This nice activity lived up my weekend.

Hopefully that we can do more for such events.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The formidable of direct sales

In those college time, I found that many students like me are doing this kind of job.
Do you think that it is suitable to us who are still study and have no income but have to suffer in this DIRECT SALES????

I am totally not agree with that.
One of friend is now joining in a very triple EXPENSIVE direct sales in Malaysia.

Do you know?
She is in a single family which needs to look after another 3 little brothers and 2 grands...
And now, she have to use her savings to buy those products to prove the truth before she promote to the public.

How can you survive with those output and didn't have input at all???

I think this is not so worth because for me, an extraordinary Normal student who need to pay back to the government loan after 3 years will totally can't support those 'heavy products'.

The most terrible of those direct sales is they are now using the skill of 'mouth-to-mouth' to sale out how good is their product to those ignorant.
They just call people who are after having their product to give out their opinions to the new members.
For me, I will not believe it!!!!

Pray hard to hope that bad things will not happen to those people with their DIRECT SALES!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Back

Sorry to all my friends and visitors!!!
I had been left for my blog about 1 week because of my laziness..

Last week, I had attend the event which I posted last time.
It is really fun and I feel enjoyable in this event.

Thanks,Nuffnang for inviting me to Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair.

Please stay tune.
I will be post up my activities this coming weekend.
Hope that I will do my promise!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Few days before when I log in to this website, it just post up to me like this!!!

Could someone tell me what happen to BloggerUnited??
Why all the ads beside my blog become blanks??

Is Bloggerunited ends up?
How long would this happen?

Friday, April 9, 2010


Finally, I get up my assignment entry. I feel so free and my shoulders become lighter compare to last time.
I feel so angry today because my college really made me so upset about the line over this jungle.
I want to complain to the student affair department but I didn’t do it at all.
The student representative did not do their responsibility though out this substances happen.
This problem starts during all the time.
It begun since the beginning of the semester starts.
My college mates feel fair up to this problem. Our school maintaining department so disappointed us. The staffs here are all ‘black faces’.
They will just smile and talk to you when they receive some presents from you.
Conclusion is, the college LOVES mOney!!!$$$$$$$$$

Hope that I can leave the jungle soon!!!Help!!!

Vote for IT!!!

Klue Urbanscapes 2010is going to begin!!

It is a big and nice event for US!!

You can join Urbanscapes 2010 on 26th June 2010 in KLPac!!!

'An Honest Mistake' will going to perform during this event.

An Honest Mistake is originally an acoustic side project of then-Army of Three bassist Darren Teh, An Honest Mistake has become one of the biggest bands on today’s scene. Fusing pop punk, hardcore, and acoustic rock into a signature sound, these young and aspiring lads look set to command and conquer with their loyal army of Dino Warriors.

All you need to do is vote them by clicking here.

There will be many others activities too.
Many stalls will selling new stuffs too.

There are 77 days more until Urbanscapes 2010.

Please VOTE for An Honest Mistake!!!
Your scared vote is our pleasure!!
Thank you!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Currently status

8th April 2010, I am normally sit in front of my laptop and do my blog entry.
Today, the sky look nice and feel hot with 34°C and the sunshine look big.

I am now in the library with my newspaper and sitting alone in the corner.
I feel comfort.

I just got back from the town area for my brunch with my friend.

I am full now.

I need some silent.

But, normally in the library with many windows, I do hear voices from the outside world.

Sometimes when I feel I am a busy body, I know many things which is normally 'normal people' do not know as it.

Do you think I am quick busy-body?

Could I change it?

Can you believe in such busy-body??

How can I change normal?

The final week is beside the door.

I have to study more to assure my result wouldn't drop.

Hope that I can do that!!!

Gotta head to my Business Communication class before the lecturer angry!!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mail from Nuffnang!!

This morning i just received a mail from Nuffnang.

I wonder that my blog really in trouble now!!

I have to change it before it works properly!!

I hope that i will NOT HaTE Nuffnang!!

I need some suggestions for me!!!

please help me!!!