Friday, April 9, 2010

Vote for IT!!!

Klue Urbanscapes 2010is going to begin!!

It is a big and nice event for US!!

You can join Urbanscapes 2010 on 26th June 2010 in KLPac!!!

'An Honest Mistake' will going to perform during this event.

An Honest Mistake is originally an acoustic side project of then-Army of Three bassist Darren Teh, An Honest Mistake has become one of the biggest bands on today’s scene. Fusing pop punk, hardcore, and acoustic rock into a signature sound, these young and aspiring lads look set to command and conquer with their loyal army of Dino Warriors.

All you need to do is vote them by clicking here.

There will be many others activities too.
Many stalls will selling new stuffs too.

There are 77 days more until Urbanscapes 2010.

Please VOTE for An Honest Mistake!!!
Your scared vote is our pleasure!!
Thank you!!!

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