Monday, November 30, 2009

Singapore Vs Malaysia

I just got my reply from the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2009.

They just listed that all volunteers have to report them selves at 7.30pm at City Hall, Mac Donald.

I just want to ask those who are in Singapore, can i know where can i have the lowest price accommodation??

In Malaysia, I am easily find my cheapest place to stay...
But in Singapore, I can't do it....*cry*
I feel helpless now!!!*cry*

I have to get my accommodation on this week...
I will go there on this coming Friday, 4th December 2009.

Who can help me now??

My requirement is simple....

I just need a place to sleep.

Clean, tidy, nearby MRT station.

Can get food easily....

The price is the most most x10000000000000000000000 cheapest place....
It would be best if it is free for me!!!

I will thank to who are help me!!!

P/S: I just need 5 days 4 nights. I am take part in the volunteer's section. thanks.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Because of the whether in Malaysia, I hope that I will have some pineapples for my daily fruit.

Pineapple is good for me because it contains vitamins that I need everyday.

Although the outside of the pineapple is ugly, but inside is so beautiful....

I love you, PINEAPPLES!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Print screen

Finally, I learn how to cut out the page from the internet.

I learn from my IT programmer' sister..
Thanks ya??


Maybe I am late to learn, but finally I get it...


Shopping again

After going to book fair, i move to MidValley...
Squeeze into the crowded KTM, with rm 1.50 ticket, wait about 30 minutes for the Keretapi Tanah Melayu...

After 20 minutes, reach at Midvalley....

Meet my buddy there...
Have our lunch at Sushi-Zen, The Garden.

Our menu is shown as below:

Dessert is each of us 1 stick of 'bing tang hu lu'....

Nice dessert!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009




I smile because of you.
I smile because i am happy.
I smile because i am proud of you.
I smile because i am polite.
I smile because i Love you.
I smile because i do something.
I smile because it good for me.
I smile because it is a good exercise.
I smile because ................................

It seldom happen on me....
It run far from me...

I hate angry...
I dislike angry...
I didn't angry...
I can't angry...

Chinese Book Fair 2009

Holiday being started 2 weeks...
I randomly closed myself inside the house....
Finally, I am free yesterday after freeze inside the house..

I went book fair with my friend.

We took KTM to Serdang and ran into the shuttle bus to The Mines Exhibition and Convention Centre-MIECC

We reached there at about 10.30am.
All books are damn expensive...*cry*
WTH!!!Chinese books import from China, Taiwan,Singapore,etc.
All books in those RMB selling in RM is the same written behind the books..
How can we survive with those prices???

NOrmally book fair selling with cheaper price...
But in Malaysia these will not happen!!*cry*

I just read there and visit without any books!!!

We went back KTM station at 2pm..
While waiting, all took photo with emo mood!!*emo*
not so emo also!!!*cheh*

Sabah fish dinner

Yesterday night just fresh arrived from Sabah!!
My daddy finally fly back from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
The fly normally start at 9pm from KK.
But yesterday whether is damn bad, so the fly had delayed....
My dad reach KLIA at 1am.....
I wait there about 1 hour to wait him....*cry*

My daddy brings 1 bag there,and bring 3 boxes of seafood and fishes come back...*GOSH*

Those fishes are damn cheap compare to here.

All seafood and fishes are my favorite!!

Tonight we will cook it and have our fish dinner!!!

Got to prepare my ingredients for cooking....bye=)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet the Talents!!

Just having my FACES on my hand....

Turn over to each pages....

Found THIs!!!!


Found AN HONEST MISTAKE!!!*laugh*

Just get a copy from the bookstores now!!!
You will get a different again!!!

Boring Holiday

Just finish 1 week for my holiday,
and i feel bored everyday...

This week i got to be alone at home too...

My daddy ran off to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a week....

No way la....

Got to have my dinner alone today...

Lazy to cook because i am alone with
4 walls, a laptop, a TV with ASTRO(always show the repeat one)

Accompany with a bowl of noodles...

Compare to last time...*cry*

Green Box

I just bck from Green Box Karaoke in Jusco S2...

Singing with all my secondary school mates...

Would say a very big Thank You to all of you guys and gals...

Thanks to NeoJs, Reico Lau, Saykhai Gan....

Thanks to accompany me to sing this afternoon.

Thanks to help me to reduce my boring day....

I am very enjoy today...

Gtg....have my dinner with my cups of noodles....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sudah Potong??

It's time to me to update my blog since that i am boring sitting at home...
Now P1 WiMax is quick active currently..
Seem to be every minutes, the advertisement in television in every moment.

P1Wimax is seem to be popular in Klang Valley, Penang....
Now the P1Wimax company is making promotions.
2 packages to choose.

The advisement is all in POTONG.....POTONG.....POTONG......

All the Malay boys are now singing their POTONG song during days and night time...

The hot topic in Malaysia is all about POTONG LA.....JANGAN X POTONG!!CEPAT PERGI POTONG....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Share application

Today just went to share market for my 'holiday work'.
Read up my newspaper before stepping out from the house door.
Choose the business biz.....
Page3-5... the trading part!!
I saw it....
Today opening price....1.86

Ran off to ECMLIBRA....
Search for my share broker...
Madam Ho...
Me: I want to trade for M3nergy...
Me:What is the price now???
Madam.Ho: 1.85.Want trade now?
Me: Ok!!
Madam Ho: DEAL!!

Yaahoo!!!!I trade it....woohooo....*laugh*

Monday, November 16, 2009

rain god!!

Now Malaysia is having a bad season...
The rain god knock my door everyday...
It rains and rains and rains and rains.....
When do rain stop falling down to Malaysia??
Rain will never stop till next month...
Many cases happen during this season.
Car accident, flood, drown and etc...

Last week, i had a friend just pass away because of car accident.
Please behave when you are driving on the road.

During raining, the road is wet.
When you drive fast, you will lost control.
And the tires should always be checked.
It can prevent us from accident.

Hope that this season will pass through!!

Malacca again~~

I went Malacca again..
Before this semester break, I drove to Malacca again...
This time we went for shopping and visiting....
6 of us with 4 tires ran off all the way to Malacca.
Another 1 is cameraman...
Took photo with the only CHINESE in my college..
Another inside the toilet..*laugh*
3 models in front of the museum...
Final shoot before we back...
Bye, Malacca..
See you next year!!=)
Miss you!!*muacks*

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My 1st time

In my life in this college, i lost my 1st time..
1st time appear in my life..
the Only in my life...
I wear Baju Kurung....

OMG!!!How to imagine i am wearing like this???*laugh*
I wear like this because of entering to the exam hall....
The feeling is HOT~!!
I feel really so hot when i wear this kind 0f shirt.
The same class wearing blue baju kurung!!
The different i am wearing on the night before i wear this light blue.
This is dark blue!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just joining a contest in Mister Potato.
To join this contest, it is easy to subscribe.
1st step:
log in to MisterPotato website.
2nd Step:
Register to this event.
3rd Step:
After complete your registration, answer all the questions in all levels.
4th Step:
Upload your photos with our Mister Potato. You can upload as much as you can and as much as you like.
5th Step:
Wait a reply from Us!!

This contest is as easy as ABC!!
Join us @ here.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I got a question!!
Is Facebook having problem in uploading photos??

Why i can't upload in my profile??

Could some1 tell me?

I already try using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, even Opera.
All this software are the latest version.

Is that my laptop problem??

I am suffering now!!

Please help!!

Thank you very much!!

I would like to thanks Garfield in teaching me in some problem.
Thanks i already settle in my problems.
Thanks a lot!

Happy Birthday!!

Today is a special day.
The most special day-9th November 1990
A baby was born from a family of 3 in Chinese Maternity Hospital.
With 3.0kg, long 56cm.
quick 'black'...
but nice look.
Sometimes quick crazy in his life.
Is the production of Madam. Teh And Mr. Wong.

Happy birthday to Forrest!!
May all your wishes come true..
My buddy...
Profile of Forest:
Name: Forrest
Age: 19+
Address: 123,jln abc,tmn aaa,70200 seremban.
Status: Available
Hobby: Drawing, Singing,eating,backpack travel....
Favorite food: KFC, Pizza, Macdonald....
Hopes: become an artist in his everything he loves.Travel to the world.

He is cute.Nice man, caring, many women earnestly man...
Who is interested on him, can contact me @ here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Opera Vs Mozilla Firefox

Help!! My lappie can't upload pics into Facebook.
Anyone can tell me?
I usually use Mozilla Firefox to browse.
Mozilla Firefox is the most popular internet browser to all pc...
At the beginning when i use this software to launch,there is no any problems happen during my launch.
But,when i re-format my lappie, i install it back, and i try and try and try and try to upload my pics for my FB, there is not functioning...
During the step create album, my lappie start lag!!!
Then the whole browser going to [NOT RESPONDING] !!
Then can't move..
Then i switch off...

After asking 'somebody', i uninstall it!!!

Then, someone give me a suggestion that ''why don't you can try OPERA?''

Okay, then i install Opera in...
After using, *ish*
also the same result!!
What Opera??
What Mozilla Firefox?
The most profresional is INTERNET EXPLORER!!!
Well done, internet explorer!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

In middle of the 'road'

How to made a decision?
I am in the middle of the road!!
Decision is hard to made when you are in middle.
Both sides have both advantage and benefits.

You should follow your heart.
This is the most important fact.

Future is in your hand.
Future is most important.

Sometimes parents are true,but future should decide by self.
Parents' suggestions should recruit.
But you should think what you need, what you don't want.

The 'road' is bright.
Future is bright.
Don't live inside the cage.
Open your mind.

Then, your future is in front of you.


Sadness definite that we faced some problem during life time.
Sadness happen when we loss something important.
Sadness will happen every moment.
Nothing can be notice to happen.
Nothing can be forecast.
Nothing can be estimate.
Life is weak,fragile.
Sadness can't be imagine.
Sadness can be easy, but happiness can be hard.
Sadness appear in every situations

Friday, November 6, 2009

Please forgive HIM!!

Just received a bad new from a friend.
My ex-schoolmate who study in Sunway Uni passed away peacefully at this morning.
I knew him because that we are prefect during primary school.
In my mind, he is selfish but when u know him well you will knew that he is a nice person.

We seldom talk because we are in different class.
He is in 6M and i 6H.
He likes to smile.But sometimes he looks serious.
He will not woke up forever!!

Dear Kah yong,
Although you already leave us, but you will always in our heart.
You will always in our mind. I hope that you will rest in peace.
We will forgive your leave
Please feel at ease.Hope that you will be the peace in the Heaven.
RIP Kah Yong. .

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Win and Lose

Winner is my life-Nick Chang
I will be the winner...
Who will be the winner?
When i will be the winner?
Why i am the winner?
Which point made me be the Winner?
Winner means....
Chances will give to those Winners and those Winners will get it!!
Winner will get attention.
Winner will improve in life.
Winner will...

Why Loser?
Who will be the Loser?
When will be the Loser?
Am i a Loser?
Loser will be myself...


Damn Hard!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Decision sometimes made us headache!!=(
It control all our future...
Decision can be destroy??
Decision can be....
What should i do while making my decision?
Decision really help?
Decision will....
Decision do....
Decision works???

Limited Outlook

Sometimes i think i look like a 'katak dalam tempurung''...

Human beings need to learn more and more.....more for living in this cruel world...
This world will not accept to those !@#$%^&*(~!@#$%!!!
They will just like those are good...
We should think another way that we are the unique.
We are unparalleled....
We are special....
We can do it!!
Just do it...
Don't evade to reality!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Semester 3 !!

This semester gonna to end on this month..
Therefore my final examination is knocking the door again...=)
I haven't prepare anything and seem to be so relax...=)
I go here and there...
I ran here and there...
I am inside the rubber estate....
I am happy now!!!

Wet wet wet.....chicken

Today i become a 'wet chicken' because of raining..
I went jogging with my room mate-AH HUA!!
Then suddenly rain god appear...

We become 'wet chicken'..
I am 'lucky' today!!
Still took photo while we are 'wet chicken'....*laugh*
quick 38....
Then we quickly ran to a near by stall...
Ordering a ABC..
while waiting took pic too...*laugh*

we wait until 7.00pm and ran back to our college...>.<

the food stall's uncle gave me a 'hat' to me-plastic bag...
Thank you, uncle..!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Yesterday went OneUtama for this event!!

Finally,It launch!!!
We have been waiting so long time for this!!
The MALAYSIA SONY CORPORATION finally get it on 31st October 2009.

The PS3 SLIM and PSP GO are appear now!!
PS3 SLIM is the latest model for this season.
It has a 120GB HDD, with wireless control.
It is light, slim,nice looking.
The launching price is RM 1299.

PSP GO is the latest model and it is SMaller compare to PSP-3006.

It has 2 colors,black and white.

I more prefer white version....
With Bluetooth,WiFi,High pro-memory card, Fast connection.
This PSP GO is without UMD.
It has a 16GB HDD to store games,music,video,etc.
The launching price is RM 1099.
Players are required to purchase their games with connect to PlayStation Network.

Those old PSP-1006,PSP-2000,PSP-3000...are become antique..

And conclusion: mine PSP is gonna be ANTIQUE!!!
I just bought it on year 2007.It is a limited collection.