Friday, June 26, 2009

Micheal Jackson lefted us...

This morning, about 3am Micheal Jackson is not feeling well in his house.
Then he was sent to the near by hospital.
But at last 4.30am, he is certified that passed away after the one and half hours emergency treatment.

2nd day...

Today I came early, because today we need to finish all the packing before 6.30pm.
Today they are many people turn on to join us to complete our packing.
All the packing will be send to Dataran Merdeka for the runners to collect it on Friday.
The collection will be start on 10am and ends on 10pm.
For those runners that are working on Friday, you can collect it when you finished your work.
Our volunteers will be there until the night.
The 1st thing I do when i arrive at RSH Sport House, I quickly sign for my attendance.
Then I start my work quickly.
I start prepare all the booklets in sequence.


All of them are busying packing.
Some of them in charge in the packing section.

They put a hand fan into the bag, and pass the bag to the people in charge to count.
Each box contains 25 bags which fill in all booklets.
At about 12.30pm, we stop our works and have our lunch.
After that, we continue our works.

I start helping them to carry all the things that they need.
At about 5.00pm, we finish all the packing.

The DBKL lorry come and send all the big boxes to Dataran Merdeka.

My new friends...
All are good runners...
Uncle Sonny is a good marathon runner.
He will taking part in 42km in this KL Marathon 2009.
Who are interested in Marathon, please contact to pacesetter.
Uncle Sonny will train you be a good runner.

My new friends.....
Although I feel tired, I feel happy and enjoy in this activity.
See you all next year!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1st day....

Today is my 1st day being a volunteer in RSH Sport House.
This morning, I woke up at 8.30am.
After cleaning up, I rush to have my breakfast and pack some food for my auntie....
Then i drove to the center and start my work today.
I drove until 120km/h.
I arrived at there on 10.30am.
When I arrived at there, I sign for my attendance.
Then after the short briefing, we start packing all the things into the bags provided.
Firstly, we pull off all the plastic bags and prepare all the bags into sequence.
Then, we are divided into 11 groups.
Each 2 persons in charge a part of the packing.
Although it was tired, I feel very happy and fun.
I learn many experiences in being a volunteer in this activity.
We finish our jobs at 5.45pm.
Then we clear away all the rubbish.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Be careful....H1N1

Now a days, the viruses of H1N1 is being critical. Today our country just found 8 more cases in many places. According to the latest new, the most easier people infect this virus is WOMEN!!!!
Women should always be careful and take good care to their own self.....
The following are the steps to prevent from this disease :
  1. If you feel not well, please stay at home.
  2. When you cough or sneeze, please close you mouth with a handkerchief to prevent the virus flu through each others.
  3. Please always keep your hands clean. Wash it cleanly with some soap. Make sure that you rub your hands more than 1 minutes.
  4. When you are in a place is crowd, please wear a mask.
  5. If you feel not well, please call your doctor TODAY !!!
In this pressing time, PLEASE TAKE CARE TO OUR BODY!!!!
Make sure you are not fever, coughing, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose....
If you are having now, PLEASE CALL THE DOCTOR NOW!!!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 Star Hotel in Seremban....

Yesterday night, I am staying in the only five-star hotel in Seremban........where is located????How big is the hotel???How much it costs me per night???
The answer is......
It located in Rasah high hill....
It is a 8 floored building....
It is free to me!!!!
The hotel named....
I stay there to take care my aunt a whole night....
I didn't sleep at all....
I felt scare...
And finally,
I ran back home at the 4 in the morning...

Holiday [part3]

On 17th June 2009, it was a scary day to me.The operation starts at 11am and ends up at 5pm. During the operation, I didn't go to the hospital to help her to clean up. I feel scare and scare and scare.....This operation takes very long time to complete.My aunt is given an anesthetic from the back. When operation in process, she can really feel the quake of her bone when the doctor helps her to clean up the cracked bone and vacuum it. During the process, the feel that we can't fix in advance.
After 6 hours past, she finally jump though this calamity....and feel well now.
Her legs is now holding with a big sponge.
Now after the surgery done, I felt like a big stone from my shoulders put down. I am now light-hearted....Thank God...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holiday Week [part 2]

Scary this feeling fade away gradually from my heart....but it will be appear again soon.....
Yesterday i just fetch my aunt back from the hospital.
The operation have canceled.....
Because her left leg thigh is wounding....
The doctors tell us that if we make the risk to take this operation, maybe the leg will infect bacteria.
Then we decide not to operate on the 10th June.
She had been discharged from the hospital and will be admitted again on the 15th June 2009.
Operation will be again on the 17th June.
Hope the day of the operation will far away from us...
I am so scare the day coming!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Do i ever feel sad, crazy, lonely,scary......?????????????

SAD-an expression of a human being that feel uncomfortable feeling through something happen around him/her. I am a person that live in a place that free from all anxieties, happy, safe and.....I don't ever think any bad incidents will happen to me, but yesterday night the nightmare comes....I feel i am not important to here any more!!!! Am i wrong in the beginning???? Why it will happen to me???? What can i do for it???? Isn't it is a false to me??? Who can give me the answer??? When can i know the answer???

Crazy-What is the meaning to this term??? It is a morbid state to a person who always under pressure...Nowadays, people busying to their jobs, business.....Are they even forget their family and their own selves?their attitude??expression??? humanity??People will become crazy because this society become complicate and in a mess. The environment are now complex and feel not so peace.

Lonely-People feel lonely when he/she is alone surrounded by walls only. But in this 21st century, 'Lonely' this word seldom appear in our mind especially those who accompany with their PSP, GameBoy,Laptop....Parents busying fighting with the world, children usually look after by Indonesian maids. Lonely will appear slowly in their mind when they grow up. Lonely will bring many social problem to the society.

Scary-I feel scary when the day waited long time ago reach. Today is the scariest day to me. I am scare i will lost something important to me. I am scare i will lost someone in my life standing an important position.I am scare to go to the hospital.I am scare everything that God gives me disappear in this world.When the scary day run-off?? Who can tells me??

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Holiday Week [part 1]

This few weeks, I feel boring at home.
Everyday I seldom go out and stay at home facing the walls....
Last Tuesday, I went to the hospital with my auntie.
My aunt has an appointment with Mr.Bernard, doctor of orthopedic in Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban. The appointment for this time maybe was the last appointment,coz Mr. Bernard will be transfer to Hospital Kuala Pilah. Although he was transferred to there, he still will come back to here for his operations and appointments. He is a professional orthopedic doctor in Seremban. My aunt will do her hip operation on the 10th June 2009. This hip problem has made her heache since 2008. The bones are crack and joints are incoordinate. The nervous system is facing problem now and made her can't smell anything. This operation is the 6th times after being 10 years ago. The ankles now are swelling. This made her can't walk fast and while she is walking, the bones are craking and give out sound. The most difficulty is the anesthesia part. Because she is also facing oestroporosis and made her can't move her neck higher. The anesthetist told us that if she can't made it, they will use the anesthetis needle to her waist.
Hope that the operation will sucess and my aunt will fully recover from this illness.....