Monday, June 8, 2009


Do i ever feel sad, crazy, lonely,scary......?????????????

SAD-an expression of a human being that feel uncomfortable feeling through something happen around him/her. I am a person that live in a place that free from all anxieties, happy, safe and.....I don't ever think any bad incidents will happen to me, but yesterday night the nightmare comes....I feel i am not important to here any more!!!! Am i wrong in the beginning???? Why it will happen to me???? What can i do for it???? Isn't it is a false to me??? Who can give me the answer??? When can i know the answer???

Crazy-What is the meaning to this term??? It is a morbid state to a person who always under pressure...Nowadays, people busying to their jobs, business.....Are they even forget their family and their own selves?their attitude??expression??? humanity??People will become crazy because this society become complicate and in a mess. The environment are now complex and feel not so peace.

Lonely-People feel lonely when he/she is alone surrounded by walls only. But in this 21st century, 'Lonely' this word seldom appear in our mind especially those who accompany with their PSP, GameBoy,Laptop....Parents busying fighting with the world, children usually look after by Indonesian maids. Lonely will appear slowly in their mind when they grow up. Lonely will bring many social problem to the society.

Scary-I feel scary when the day waited long time ago reach. Today is the scariest day to me. I am scare i will lost something important to me. I am scare i will lost someone in my life standing an important position.I am scare to go to the hospital.I am scare everything that God gives me disappear in this world.When the scary day run-off?? Who can tells me??


hon fai said...

hey, wats wrong with u ? y go hospital ?

Nick Chang journal said...

@hon fai-not me going to the my aunt!!operation...=(