Thursday, June 18, 2009

Holiday [part3]

On 17th June 2009, it was a scary day to me.The operation starts at 11am and ends up at 5pm. During the operation, I didn't go to the hospital to help her to clean up. I feel scare and scare and scare.....This operation takes very long time to complete.My aunt is given an anesthetic from the back. When operation in process, she can really feel the quake of her bone when the doctor helps her to clean up the cracked bone and vacuum it. During the process, the feel that we can't fix in advance.
After 6 hours past, she finally jump though this calamity....and feel well now.
Her legs is now holding with a big sponge.
Now after the surgery done, I felt like a big stone from my shoulders put down. I am now light-hearted....Thank God...

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