Friday, June 26, 2009

2nd day...

Today I came early, because today we need to finish all the packing before 6.30pm.
Today they are many people turn on to join us to complete our packing.
All the packing will be send to Dataran Merdeka for the runners to collect it on Friday.
The collection will be start on 10am and ends on 10pm.
For those runners that are working on Friday, you can collect it when you finished your work.
Our volunteers will be there until the night.
The 1st thing I do when i arrive at RSH Sport House, I quickly sign for my attendance.
Then I start my work quickly.
I start prepare all the booklets in sequence.


All of them are busying packing.
Some of them in charge in the packing section.

They put a hand fan into the bag, and pass the bag to the people in charge to count.
Each box contains 25 bags which fill in all booklets.
At about 12.30pm, we stop our works and have our lunch.
After that, we continue our works.

I start helping them to carry all the things that they need.
At about 5.00pm, we finish all the packing.

The DBKL lorry come and send all the big boxes to Dataran Merdeka.

My new friends...
All are good runners...
Uncle Sonny is a good marathon runner.
He will taking part in 42km in this KL Marathon 2009.
Who are interested in Marathon, please contact to pacesetter.
Uncle Sonny will train you be a good runner.

My new friends.....
Although I feel tired, I feel happy and enjoy in this activity.
See you all next year!!!!

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