Friday, August 27, 2010

sorry for my late post

Currently I am busy as @~@ (this).
Everyday, assignments, presentation,@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&
Having a busy semester is totally made me crazy..
After being a great WORLD WAR II , I am going to start WORLD WAR V!!!
Haha.....planning to made my life colorful, but still trying la!!
As you know, planning needs time la...So I need some time to made a "proposal" for myself!

Now I am waiting for my 2 weeks holiday...*wink*
Hari Raya is here with us.
So, as usual, my college will have a long long long long long long HOLIDAYS!!
I am planning for some trip with daddy!!*heee*

My next update will be more attractive and will not as boring as this!!
Bye, gonna plan!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Once again BURNT

Hello, Malaysia!!
What are doing yesterday?
During this fasting month, what can i do??Where can i go?

Yeah!!!Yesterday I went A'Famosa Water Park with my "flower"!!!*hehehehehehehhehehe*

Yesterday was a public holiday for Melaka only leh!!
Because it was the 1st day of fasting, so our college have a holiday.

Actually we plan to go there for a long time, but because we are too "busy" so have to postpone till now!!

We go there for water session....

It is so fun and excited since we plan for a long long time!!
The ticket is Rm30 per person.
If weekdays, it just only Rm25 per person.
We play till 3.30pm then we go back college lol...

Can you try to guess what is this???

Haha....sure can't guess it!!!*laugh*

Yeah, if you look a bit clearer, you can see it!!!
It's my BURNT-OUT skin!!!
My skin really like a tohu!!!It is so nice to see, but once kena MATAHARI, it will be that!!

Can you see it??
Haiz.....kesian betul!!! Bayar pergi main, tapi kena BAKAR!!!

But, it is so fun to play la...but my pockets are now KOSONG!!!!*hahahahahahahahahahaha*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Watch Justin Bieber in Japan with DiGi

Hey,peeps!!! A great news for Justin Bieber's Fans!!!
This is a good chance to meet with our prince in Tokyo,Japan.
This is the 1st time Justin Bieber in Tokyo, Japan.

"Baby,Baby,Baby ohhhhhhh, Like baby, baby, baby ohhhh"

This famous song is so nice to hear in the radio...
But if got a chance to listen for live, it should be more NICER!!!

Now, Digi gives us a chance to win a FREE trip for TWO and Tickets to catch the JUSTIN BIEBER Showcase LIVE!!!!

It is as easy as ABC...

All you need to do is purchase the Justin Bieber CallerTunes DJ Package.

How can I purchase?

Send BABY to 2016!!

Then once you’re done, you’ll receive an SMS with further instructions to participate. Send FLY to 2000 with the most creative slogan in less than 20 words by telling DiGi why you love Justin Bieber.

Still waiting there?
MOve your hand, move your mind!!
Do it now by using your nice lucky phone and sms to 2016~~

Hope you guys can win it!!
Don't forget to bring me along tooooooooo!~~~~

For more information, you can visit here.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A special gift for YOU, Ms.Hew Min Shi

Today is a special day for you!!
This date is so easy to remember.
8th August 2010 is also China Olympics 2008 2nd year anniversary.
8th August 2010 is YOUR 20th BIRTHDAY!!!

Ms.Hew Min Shi.
a.k.a. Doraemon
A pretty woman in the age of 20th after today!!
Single now..
More details can contact me la!!

I would like to wish you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"
This is special for you..

I know you are now in Kedah, so I can't give you any present la....

But next time when you come back to hometown, I will give you la!!
Hope you can received this 1st la...I promise I will get you a cute "Doraemon" for you soon...

Hope you will like it!!
Stay healthy and pretty,ok?
May all your wishes come true!!
All the best in UUM!!!

Hope our friendship forever!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy birthday, SisTER

It's 4th August...
Yes!! 4th August 2010, a wonderful day, God bring her to this world of colorful!!!

Today is my FatFat sister's 23rd birthday!!!
Time flied....This year is her 23 years old...
Although she is 23 years old, she still childish thinker!!!*wakakakakakaka*

I hope she will be more slimmer la....Big body,small head will..............
made you unbalance!!

This song is special for:

Happy birthday to YOU,
haPPy BIrTHdaY to YOU,
hAppY bIrThDaY tooooooooooooooooooo YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Have a blast one always...

P/S: that fire burning is non of your BUSINESS la, Go sleep la!!!
enjoy your SLASH CONCERT in SUnway tomorrow la...

Best wishes from US!!!

Because we are 1 FAMILY!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Minority Nationality in my college-JUNGLE

Semester started with a "great news" from the management department.

Majority of them are talking about this topic.
Since I stepped into this college on the 6th of July, my ear always pass on with !@#$%^&@%^&*!!!

Although my brain and body full of curiosity, I haven't do anything about it!!

The news is................... our college "contain" another 1 CHINESE boy!!!!

This is the GUY!!!

Jason Khor
from Sungai Petani.
19 of age
Thinking full of !@#$%^&*&*@#$%^

Welcome to the JUNGLE!!
You will be the ANIMAL in this big family!!

All the best & good luck for the future...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hari Hari BlackBerry® Mari promotion

Yeepee.....yaahooo!!!!! Nuffnang once again give us a BIG PRESENT....

I want it leh...
Blackberry really made our life colorful.
Smartphones helps us so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Digi is now promoting a great contest now....
DiGi is giving away
RM 1,000,000 worth of BlackBerry® Bold 9700 smartphones!!!!
All you needs to do is visit to Digi.
It can also doing this contest with this way.
Do some reload for your prepaid account.
Or you can choose to follow the plan below:

You guys know that I am now using a smartphone also.

BB ( Blackberry) is now having a too simple design.
I remember that last time ( before smartphone appear), we used to have some changing for our phone's body.
Normally, I will buy some stickers or shiny shiny bling bling stick on my phone's body...
But hor, normally it will all peel upside down....*scary*

After N-centuries, Digi brings me a great news....

They want to change my BB from this....
to this....

They are now giving out some new clothes for our BB....*yeepee*

To change our BB to be more handsome/pretty, we should have 1 lah!!! AGREE???

Human needs fashion, BB also needs fashion mah...
These little socks are so cute and beautiful for my BB leh...
It can protect my BB and also provide a wide field fashion for MY DEAR BB!!!!

Hope I can change my BB to more handsome!!*hehe*

Am I Crazy?? 38D 24 38


I have a 3 8 job while I am having my holiday last month.
It is actually my dad's job for being a photographer.
Actually, that day is his turn to hold the camera.
But because of the video session, I have to do it for him.
Haiz!!! What lah, Ah Ba???!@#$%^&#%^&

It was a sunny Sunday.
Usually, I use to sleep till the sun shine upon my butt...
But, that Sunday, I have to woke up early to prepare for this event.

Long story started with a long beginning....

Aiyooooo...then I start la!!

This is quite 3 8 event for ladies.
But some loves it so much...
Dang Dang Dang----------Body Builder Competition!!!

I feel so "geli" when having this type of photoshooting for them...
Men with 'panties' + body scrub with oil = Metal oily brownish body!!!

WTH!!! I beh TAHAN LAH!!!

Some even squeeze their muscles until their veins burst!!!

Uncles, no need so exert all one's strength la!!!
After you hurt, no one can help leh!!!

I saw this man!!
Do you know who is he??

He got so many fans admire him leh!!

Mr. Malaysia in N-years before.
Now already in the retired mode!!

He is Mr.Sazali Samad!!!

But sometimes he used to have some competition with his fans...
Like this:

Do you guys and gals loves this competition?
We normally loves to see leng lui with 38C 25 38, right??

But they loves to see leng zai with 40B 32 38!!

I prefer the 1st one more than the 2nd.

Exercise is good for our health.
But I will not choose to be like this la...
Will you??

Sunday, August 1, 2010

twitter under maintenance??

Today is currently 1st August 2010.
Normally, I use to do tweets for my currently status.

But, since I woke up late for this Sunday, I on my twitter now.(3.56pm)

But, why it shown me this?
weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii................ what happen oh??

I feel so boring leh.....

What can I do else?
I have to try this before I ~!@$%^&!@#$%^&*^&*

This is created by Malaysian leh!!
Our great human beings in Malaysia created this great things for the world.

I have to thanks YOU!!!
Plurk is my good friend now also!!
This is also a good try for me!!
Karma is being to increase...
Did you do this??