Thursday, August 12, 2010

Once again BURNT

Hello, Malaysia!!
What are doing yesterday?
During this fasting month, what can i do??Where can i go?

Yeah!!!Yesterday I went A'Famosa Water Park with my "flower"!!!*hehehehehehehhehehe*

Yesterday was a public holiday for Melaka only leh!!
Because it was the 1st day of fasting, so our college have a holiday.

Actually we plan to go there for a long time, but because we are too "busy" so have to postpone till now!!

We go there for water session....

It is so fun and excited since we plan for a long long time!!
The ticket is Rm30 per person.
If weekdays, it just only Rm25 per person.
We play till 3.30pm then we go back college lol...

Can you try to guess what is this???

Haha....sure can't guess it!!!*laugh*

Yeah, if you look a bit clearer, you can see it!!!
It's my BURNT-OUT skin!!!
My skin really like a tohu!!!It is so nice to see, but once kena MATAHARI, it will be that!!

Can you see it??
Haiz.....kesian betul!!! Bayar pergi main, tapi kena BAKAR!!!

But, it is so fun to play la...but my pockets are now KOSONG!!!!*hahahahahahahahahahaha*

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Nick said...

wow.. sun burnt quite serious? ;(