Saturday, August 7, 2010

A special gift for YOU, Ms.Hew Min Shi

Today is a special day for you!!
This date is so easy to remember.
8th August 2010 is also China Olympics 2008 2nd year anniversary.
8th August 2010 is YOUR 20th BIRTHDAY!!!

Ms.Hew Min Shi.
a.k.a. Doraemon
A pretty woman in the age of 20th after today!!
Single now..
More details can contact me la!!

I would like to wish you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"
This is special for you..

I know you are now in Kedah, so I can't give you any present la....

But next time when you come back to hometown, I will give you la!!
Hope you can received this 1st la...I promise I will get you a cute "Doraemon" for you soon...

Hope you will like it!!
Stay healthy and pretty,ok?
May all your wishes come true!!
All the best in UUM!!!

Hope our friendship forever!!

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ken said...

happy birthday to birthday girl =)