Monday, August 2, 2010

Am I Crazy?? 38D 24 38


I have a 3 8 job while I am having my holiday last month.
It is actually my dad's job for being a photographer.
Actually, that day is his turn to hold the camera.
But because of the video session, I have to do it for him.
Haiz!!! What lah, Ah Ba???!@#$%^&#%^&

It was a sunny Sunday.
Usually, I use to sleep till the sun shine upon my butt...
But, that Sunday, I have to woke up early to prepare for this event.

Long story started with a long beginning....

Aiyooooo...then I start la!!

This is quite 3 8 event for ladies.
But some loves it so much...
Dang Dang Dang----------Body Builder Competition!!!

I feel so "geli" when having this type of photoshooting for them...
Men with 'panties' + body scrub with oil = Metal oily brownish body!!!

WTH!!! I beh TAHAN LAH!!!

Some even squeeze their muscles until their veins burst!!!

Uncles, no need so exert all one's strength la!!!
After you hurt, no one can help leh!!!

I saw this man!!
Do you know who is he??

He got so many fans admire him leh!!

Mr. Malaysia in N-years before.
Now already in the retired mode!!

He is Mr.Sazali Samad!!!

But sometimes he used to have some competition with his fans...
Like this:

Do you guys and gals loves this competition?
We normally loves to see leng lui with 38C 25 38, right??

But they loves to see leng zai with 40B 32 38!!

I prefer the 1st one more than the 2nd.

Exercise is good for our health.
But I will not choose to be like this la...
Will you??

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ken said...

i also got nice body like them! =P