Friday, January 29, 2010

the crazy people

My life in college is definitely Boring!!
All my college mates are all Malays....
Majorities are mixture..
That's mean father+mother=Mixture!!!
These are all MIXTURES!!!

The thing that i do every day except classes is JOGGING!!!
Besides jogging, I like the most is take photo like that!!
And this is only the CHINESE in my school...

Both of us have a similar, which is we are from the CHINESE line!!!*laugh*

And there are also some quick handsome Malay guys in my college...
Such as those:
This is the best quality in my college...wakakakaka....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

VOte for US 2010

Yesterday was the voting day of MPP in my college.

For me, I woke up early wash up my self( dunno why i woke up early)*laugh* and dress up myself to the hall to do my responsibility.

Before heading to the hall, we have a snap-shoot in front the mirror.

Here we are!!!!

Then, walk though the hall and waiting for the vote.

Having a quick good morning with the course mates and a short photo session with the candidates.

Hope that the result will be a nice, good result!!

I don't want someone who are not doing their responsible.

Thank you.

New Slogan also: "Pelajar didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan.''

Monday, January 25, 2010

Funny Sunday

Yesterday just had a short shopping in TimeSquare.
Although I try to not buying any substances and making many rubbish inside my house,but I still left the house early morning and stuck into the KTM and have my funny Sunday.

I went for movie time with the tittle of 'incredible soldier' .
A nice movie but not too many spectators.*sad*

The whole cinema is not more than 20 peoples.

Then after a 2 hours past, the movie end up with the nice ending.

It's time to SHOPPING!!!*yeah*

I just walk here and there for some searching on BOYS!!*laugh*

I walk into a stall which is selling caps and try on it.

I look fresh *really* when i put on cap.

But my final decision is "NOT TO BUY!!!" *laugh*

Then I went to Sg.Wang for a short lepak-ing....

This time I changed my goal...

I look on leng-lui & leng-moi & leng-zai!!!

Because of weekend, it seem to be much.

But not too suitable for me cause they are all mui mui zai & leng zai!!!*ISH*

Too small...look too childish!!

Finally my goal haven't hit!!*laugh*
And I ran back home and use my blanket put until closed my head and sleep until this morning~~~*chao*

P/S: Yesterday is my 1st time having a window shopping without any purchases...I JUST USE UP RM45.00!!! *laugh*

I like this photo so much!!!*muackz*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

BWF Super Series Malaysia Open 2010

Yesterday was the quarter final of Malaysia Badminton Open 2010.
My dad plan to go Stadium Putra,Bkt.Jalil to watch this grand event.
So, after coming back from Malacca, we drove though to this super event in Stadium Putra, Bkt.Jalil.

We bought 2 tickets @ rm 35 per tickets for Premium Lower Tier seat.

A scene of bustle and excitement is present when I just arrived there.

While waiting for the show begun,we had a short 'lepaking' outside the stadium.
We have some photo shooting while waiting for the competition start!!

A few scene taken by me without any great technical.
Because of my laziness, I didn't do any edit work on those photos.

The show start on 7pm and end up on 12am.

Lee Chong Wei played his best shoot yesterday.
Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong played their 'super'.
Wong Pei Ty and Chin Ee Hui played grand.
Peter Gade played nice shoot.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Incredible Day

yesterday night just having a crazy night in my college.
This is because the student affair department hold an event at the hall for the MPP....
MPP stands for Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar.
The manifesto of the MPP held.

The new semester started and the new management following.

The super CRAZY supporters are all holding the banner of their candidates.

They scream for them.

They fight for them...

Can you imagine how frenzied are them??

But someone thinks it is worth...

But for me, it is totally exceeding one's expectations.

The event hold until 12am.

But I do as the Romans do while in Rome...*laugh*

I took photos while holding the banner...

I shout for them...
I am out of control...*laugh*

While waiting the 'show' start, my room mates bring some junk food for me..

We ate there and chit-chat there.

Is this look like we are in the cinema??*laugh*

Without waiting for the event to end up, we ran off for our dinner and continue our topic..
And says''GOoD nIgHt,Bye.''*laugh*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Challenge for me during year 2010

Last week, after received a call from Mr.Forrest tough that he has a challenge for me this weekend.
The challenge is become a model.

He run up a project of human figure needs a model.

The challenge for me is to take photos inside the pool.

And I need to become his model while doing his photo shooting session.

The day after tomorrow my back side become like that...

*GOSH* Who can help me???

Who do that to me??

Any recover tips for me??

I feel so pain right now!!!

When I bath, I can't rub my body so hard.

Even I rub slightly, I feel pain too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Be New, be tough

It's time to have some new lifestyle after a long holiday.I release my stress.I do my planning.I do my holiday.I go there and here.I changed.

Just started my new semester a week.
Get some new feeling after a rest.
Feel so fresh in a place of peace.

Will get new in this place.

Strong feels...

A new point appear in mind.

New subjects getting me....

Something always remind me.

Will get it back to normal after my heart fly back...

Now I am free.

Free of nothing.

Free of thinking.

Free of Charge!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

WTH!!!! How Malaysia Government done???

Today is quick sad day...
There are so many cases involve with church.
Why those people do this to church??

Is this because of the word Allah appear in those Christians' magazines??

Today it happens again!!

Two arson bids in Taiping, black paint hurled at Malacca church

The staircase leading to the Taiping church was slightly burned while the Molotov cocktail thrown into the school failed to explode.
They not only hurt church but also the school.
What else they need to do??
Why happen in those church?

There is the 6th attack including yesterday's 4 attack.

Those stupid people will do stupid things like that.

Hope that it will be settle down and will not happen again!!!

What 1 Malaysia???

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Great News!!!

A great news from Portuguese Parliament....

Portugal's parliament passed a bill today that would make the predominantly Catholic country the sixth in Europe to permit gay marriage.
I think it will be a good news to all gays and lesbians.....

Gay marriage is currently permitted in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Norway. Canada, South Africa and six US states also permit it.

It should be a rights for those people who like to get marriage with each others although their same sex.

Getting marriage is a new stage of our life.
If they are in love, we should agree with them.

We are not born in our choice in sex.

Same-sex couples should be proud of them to getting marriage.
They are brave.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate them...


The word 'ALLAH'

The most popular news started in year 2010 is the new of the false using the word Allah...

Actually The High Court has declared that the Herald can use the word “Allah” in its Catholic weekly publication and that the Home Minister order banning its use was illegal, null and void.( taken from here)

But the Muslims are not agree for it.And I know that this word is just using by Muslims and not to other religions.

The issue is very sensitive and touches on the feelings of the Muslims.

Muslims are now against the use of the word “Allah” by other religions.

Some of them are now afraid that the word ‘Allah’ may be exploited to the extent that the Muslims may be confused when the word is used by Christians.

Why Christians are using the word in their religions??

How to conduct this problem to avoid the ''war'' happen??

Who can be handle it well??

Who will made the best decisions on this issue??

When will it end???

Hope that the worst thing will not happen because we 1 Malaysia!!!!

Satu Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan!!!
I am really lazy now!!

My blog is kena freezing because of my laziness...

Really few sorry to all of you....

Actually this is not my false....

And i will be back in few days again...

Please stay tuned!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bye 2009

By counting down all days, today is the 2nd day for this year-2010.

And I'm going to start a new resolution for this year.

In this list, the 1st thing that need me to do it is Study Hard!!!

A new year is here.

A new resolution is here.

A new Nick Chang is totally here!!!

Welcome to the new Year , 2010!!!