Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Incredible Day

yesterday night just having a crazy night in my college.
This is because the student affair department hold an event at the hall for the MPP....
MPP stands for Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar.
The manifesto of the MPP held.

The new semester started and the new management following.

The super CRAZY supporters are all holding the banner of their candidates.

They scream for them.

They fight for them...

Can you imagine how frenzied are them??

But someone thinks it is worth...

But for me, it is totally exceeding one's expectations.

The event hold until 12am.

But I do as the Romans do while in Rome...*laugh*

I took photos while holding the banner...

I shout for them...
I am out of control...*laugh*

While waiting the 'show' start, my room mates bring some junk food for me..

We ate there and chit-chat there.

Is this look like we are in the cinema??*laugh*

Without waiting for the event to end up, we ran off for our dinner and continue our topic..
And says''GOoD nIgHt,Bye.''*laugh*

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