Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last 2 day - GREAT DAY END!!!

Today is the 2nd last day in helping for NSFPA.

This volunteer work really made my holiday colorful.
Today I have to leave here to continue study.

Before leaving, I done my hope to join in roadshow.
Yeepee.....I done the health roadshow for this health carnival.

This is the 1st event I join in this NGO which is organized by state government.
In the early morning, I help them to move all things and equipments into the exhibition hall.

Then the thing I do is take photo and gei po over the place!!!

This is our NSFPA's stall which is set up by me!!*heeeeeeee*

Our stall is the most special because we still using the old style sphygmomanometer.
Ours is the most accurate.
Then we do bone scan for public.

There are 15 units from different health department.
There are also hearing test for us.

Today really meaningful.
I should have a wonderful closing for this holiday.
Thank you.
Specially thanks NSFPA giving me a chance to learn more medical knowledge!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A new friend

Those guys and gals know me well will know I am a busy body who are like to keep update myself in being a human being during life.

This week is my last week to being a part time 'nurse' in this place.
This week i had been a blog walker in many places.
This week i done my last holiday at home.
This week i know her.

I would like to introduce a new friend to you.

She is so special to blog.
She is a nice person.
She done well blogging.
She looks great.
She is AH LANG.

So special blog to read.
During reading, you will feel her world of live.

I would like to say:" nice to meet you, Ah Lang.''

Have a great visit to her.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Congratulation, Chan Wa Band

Finally, Chan Wa band done their good job for us!!

Last Friday, I went to this grand concert-REMINISCENCE
It gives me a surprise for being an ex-member from this orchestra band.

Well done, all juniors do their good job.
As an ex- euphonium players, I feel so proud to my juniors in playing solo.
Good Job, YI XIANG!!!!!!!

I meet up a leng lui who is my ex-leader during my junior band.
Really miss her.

She is really a leng lui even my junior also attracted to her.
This concert is a place for me to meet up so many people from secondary school.

meet him...my neighbor,tuba-nist: wei keat!!

All lower brass...only me-a GIRL!!!

All my juniors!!!

The 5 generation in this grand concert!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chinese Celebration Dinner

Yes, just attend a Chinese Celebration Dinner in Chung Hua High School.

This is totally different to others because this is a foc dinner and with free gift.

It is organized by 1 of the old style mini market which is famous in my hometown.

This company is celebrate their the 55th years anniversary.

3 of us, which is dad, sis and me are invited to this grand party.
Sis and me are sitting in the VIPs' table....*laugh*
Whereas my dad sit at the back...

The climax is during this Chinese's dinner, there is no any chit-chat sound during this dinner started.
This dinner happen in peace and end with happiness.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Water Moments

Once again I get a great news to everyone here..
Thanks,Nuffnang Malaysia in giving more latest update from Sony Cyber-Shot T-Series.

Digital Still Camera- a daily life instrument for giving us a good way to record and jot down all the way we live, snap good moments with our love one!!!

Now,Sony Cyber-Shot T-Series provide us a good product which is

10.2 Mega Pixel T Series 4x Optical Zoom Cyber-shot.

The compact Cyber-shot TX5 is built to be water-, shock-, dust- and temperature-proof! With features like Intelligent Sweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and Anti-motion blur, TX5 give you the photographic power to shoot in style whenever, wherever.

Indeed, there are also given us extra 5 features, which is:
  • Water-proof (up to 3 meters)
  • Handheld Twilight which is this camera helps to capture cleaner and sharper images in low light)
  • Intelligent Sweep Panorama
  • “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor which allow faster reading of greater amount of pixel.
  • BIONZ image Processor provide the high performance to reduce noise and maintain color intergrity.
  • 25mm wide angle.

Image³ - Sony Redefines Your Camera Together with the "Exmor R" CMOS sensor, BIONZ imaging processor, and Carl Zeiss® Lens, the Cyber-shot TX5 opens up a world of photographic possibilities.

I know that users will always say all types of camera will be the same, but I will tell you NO!!
Because there will be totally different.
This DSC TX5/G can give you beautiful image even in the low light. I hope to get it too...

The most important to me is it is water-proof!!!

Yeepee........I LOVE IT...
I love to go water activities but for me I can't do snap-shoot when I am in the water.
Last month, I bought a instant water-proof camera.
Although I just help my friend to do his assignments for taking the photos inside the pool, we can't manage to do it with this small little camera.
Let me show you my photo!!
Is it blur??Damn.........SCARY!!!!!!!!

Although it is cute, VERY BLUR!!!!Can't see probably!!!Help*gosh*
With Handheld Twilight mode, your images boast 50% less noise because the high sensitivity “Exmor R” CMOS sensor coupled with BIONZ imaging processor allows the camera to superimpose six visual frames to create a single optimised image. Even when taking a picture at a high ISO setting or without using a tripod, you still enjoy cleaner, sharper images with Handheld Twilight.

I want to have it!!!
DSC TX5/G,please follow me home!!!*cross finger*

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Great News!!!
To welcoming this wonderful performance in this coming 17th & 18th June 2010, I have to do some responsibility to help my ex-secondary school band to promote this Grand Concert!!!

I am a ex-member of this school band which was established since 1964. At first, it was made up by fifes, bugles and drums.

Few years later, Woodwind and Brass were added. By then, It was became Chan Wa Military Band.
Normally, our school band will have a concert every 2 years once to help our members to hoist our band members performance.
Besides that, we help to raise fund for our daily uses which is to have extra money to repair instruments, to purchase musical stands and other use.

And this is the chance for you to enjoy this nice concert.

It will be held on 17th & 18th June 2010:

17 JUNE 2010 *For Students ONLY* THURSDAY 4.00pm - 6.00pm MPS Town Hall, Seremban. RM 10

18 JUNE 2010 FRIDAY 7.00pm - 10.00pm MPS Town Hall, Seremban RM 20 | RM 50

It will be the miraculous performance.
Hope you will support this school band in this concert.

For more information, please contact :
Pn Goh Lay Ho 012-6318506
Pn Tan Ming Kian 012-2909158
Ng Yew Hon 012-9106035
Lim Ju Min 012-9131727
Toh Yee Chie 019-6693288

This is the map of the location.
You can check here.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last week, we gather again!!
Thanks Pro Ning for invite me to this session!!!

Although there was few people, we drink happily!!

We chit-chat, we !@#$%^&* talking something gei po things, we laugh till whole cafe's customers look at our table.

The waitress & waiters can't concentrate in their works!!!

This is also our life during this age!!

20 years of age is the wonderful time in our life to keep this youthful more.
Time flies, we grow up till 20 years old.
We are the luckiest, because we are still ALIVE!!!

My Personal guidelines:
20 years old is life's turning point.
Making decision for our future start.
Doing preparation for the next stage of our life.
Having a great life style of life.
Having nice love relationship with your another.

Do your flavor in everything you plan...

Have to do mine too....
I will not left my wonderful 20th blank!!!
Hope all of us will success in their future!!
Friendship forever!!=)

I am waiting for the next gathering!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What happen in my life today???

  1. Happy because today.
2.Today because shopping.

3.Shopping because relaxing.

4.Relaxing because holidaying.

5.Holidaying because no schooling.

I just came back from Midvalley Megamall for a short shop with my father and sister.

We bought some stuffs in this nice place.
Saw this event over here at Centre Court!
This is because Adidas is the main sponsor for this coming World Cup 2010 in Africa!!

This is a great weekend which I proud that we can live 1 family.
I spend a good time with them.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gimme Food on Flights

I think this is a quick nice topics to blog it...

Although projectalpha season 2 will be end up soon, but those topics given are so interested...

I think Malaysia Airlines should have Malacca nice SATAY CELUP when we take flight with Mas.
If I can have this nice dishes during my journey, I think it will be a wonderful journey after a tired trip.

The delicious sauce will made the whole flight feel different.
Once you try this food, you will love it!!

The fresh ingredients provided will made our appetite feel great.

Below are videos from Project Alpha Season 2.

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Never go hungry while flying with MAS!

Continue Talking

Being a well-known doctor is not my dream.
Being a well-known nurse is last time dream.
Being a well-known accountant is coming dream.
Being a well-known stockbroker is future dream.

Getting money is my dream NOW!!!!!!!
Saving money is my target NOW!!!!!!!!!
Earning money is my purpose NOW!!!!



Get some now...
Get more later...
Get many soon...
Get a lots future...



The end!!

Thanks Nuffnang

Finally I received my 1st payment from Nuffnang!!

Thank you so much and I love YOU!!!

I had been joined this big family since year 2009.
Of coz la...being a great blogger should have a good proprietor....
So, I plan to do well in blogging.

The nice postage from Nuffnang!!

Feel so paiseh because the amount is quick little la....but at least I get the payment,right???
In 1 day, I received 2 cheques with different amount leh!!
The 1st thing when I get this!!

HAppy till Cannot sleep!!*hee*
The most important is Thank You, NUFFNANG!!

New month started with a good day

I had work for 14 days in NSFPA.
Feels relax and enjoy being a part-time volunteer there.

Reason is I am really a busy-body.
The job needs many busy things to help me recover and consult patients.

This is a good experience for me from being freedom living beside computer.

Friday is the day I get my salary....*laugh*
Finally I get my 14 days salary which I being 14 days 8 po!!!

The amount is nice figure which enough for me to save into my account to have a wonderful trip soon.

The next target is MY NEXT MONTH SALARY....