Sunday, June 20, 2010

Congratulation, Chan Wa Band

Finally, Chan Wa band done their good job for us!!

Last Friday, I went to this grand concert-REMINISCENCE
It gives me a surprise for being an ex-member from this orchestra band.

Well done, all juniors do their good job.
As an ex- euphonium players, I feel so proud to my juniors in playing solo.
Good Job, YI XIANG!!!!!!!

I meet up a leng lui who is my ex-leader during my junior band.
Really miss her.

She is really a leng lui even my junior also attracted to her.
This concert is a place for me to meet up so many people from secondary school.

meet neighbor,tuba-nist: wei keat!!

All lower brass...only me-a GIRL!!!

All my juniors!!!

The 5 generation in this grand concert!!

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