Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last week, we gather again!!
Thanks Pro Ning for invite me to this session!!!

Although there was few people, we drink happily!!

We chit-chat, we !@#$%^&* talking something gei po things, we laugh till whole cafe's customers look at our table.

The waitress & waiters can't concentrate in their works!!!

This is also our life during this age!!

20 years of age is the wonderful time in our life to keep this youthful more.
Time flies, we grow up till 20 years old.
We are the luckiest, because we are still ALIVE!!!

My Personal guidelines:
20 years old is life's turning point.
Making decision for our future start.
Doing preparation for the next stage of our life.
Having a great life style of life.
Having nice love relationship with your another.

Do your flavor in everything you plan...

Have to do mine too....
I will not left my wonderful 20th blank!!!
Hope all of us will success in their future!!
Friendship forever!!=)

I am waiting for the next gathering!!

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