Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last 2 day - GREAT DAY END!!!

Today is the 2nd last day in helping for NSFPA.

This volunteer work really made my holiday colorful.
Today I have to leave here to continue study.

Before leaving, I done my hope to join in roadshow.
Yeepee.....I done the health roadshow for this health carnival.

This is the 1st event I join in this NGO which is organized by state government.
In the early morning, I help them to move all things and equipments into the exhibition hall.

Then the thing I do is take photo and gei po over the place!!!

This is our NSFPA's stall which is set up by me!!*heeeeeeee*

Our stall is the most special because we still using the old style sphygmomanometer.
Ours is the most accurate.
Then we do bone scan for public.

There are 15 units from different health department.
There are also hearing test for us.

Today really meaningful.
I should have a wonderful closing for this holiday.
Thank you.
Specially thanks NSFPA giving me a chance to learn more medical knowledge!!


TOLANIC said...

What is sphygmomanometer? Sorry, I rarely went to clinic.

Nick Chang journal said...

pressure pump!!haha