Friday, July 2, 2010

DOne my Job

Finally, I am free from the "jail"!!

3oth June 2010, a day for memory.
This day really made my blood increase to the boiling point.

During this time of learning, I get more and more in medic line!!
And 30th June 2010 gives me a good ending with giving me surprises.

I would like to thanks all my senior who teach me many things...

A great HUG for you all...
I will be back to join this big family again....(if got chance)
This kak Noor teach me many things, bring me walk here and there....haha
Hope you can get baby soooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn.............

My 'supervisor'...Kak Minah always feel pengsan....Must take care!!
Hope to see you soon..

And FINALLY, this is my BOSS!!!
Really made headache for US during working...but anyway she gives us effort to MOVE!!
Don't look down upon her age of 70, she do well for our association.
Mrs.Tan, thank you so much for your appreciate!!

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