Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 1st Time

I try this 1st time.
I wrote this in the bus.

Below in the post:
" In this year 2010, I am proud and lucky to live here in my age of 20. Lucky because I born in this peace country with warmness and happiness. Today is the 1st day back to college again after a semester break. During this holiday, I work, being a good daughter at home. This is my 5th semester in this college. That's mean I just left 1 more year being here with all my MALAY's friends!!!In the 2nd day, I get my result for last semester. *yeah* I get nice pointer for my last semester. May God Bless Me!!"

Daily post really meaningful.
Will do it more for next post.

I do this in the bus.
Feel tired but still capturing photo.


suhaisweet said...

Visiting here my friend..Nice..My latest in innit 4 today Haha..

kenwooi said...

lol.. tired then rest! =)