Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need tissues paper SPONSOR

Gosh!!! I need help!!!

Starting from this semester, my noisy nose made me so headache!!!

The problem is I don't have enough money to buy enough tissues paper for sneezing those sh** things!!

I think i need a tissues paper sponsorship from premier tissue paper company...

NTPM can help me??

The thickness of tissues can reduce the times of take out tissues.

The lots of tissues i used the thinness my wallet.

My nose normally will be sneezing in the morning.

I prefer this type la...

But if this type also not bad la...

I need more tissue for my body!!!

This is my "result" for this afternoon..

Kesian, right??

Yesterday I still a healthy baby,

but today i become like this....

1 comment:

Thristhan said...

Hahaha, I thought you wanted alot of tissue for something else :).