Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Birthday Celebration Plan for Ken Wooi

Haha....I should have a plan for you after thinking for few days... Happy right, KenWooi ??

Actually, I think it will be a special party for you in your life time.
On this day, there should have a orchestra band to perform some songs for you...especially your favorite songs.
In this romantic session, there should place a small coffee table beside your sit to put some red wine-Beaujolais from Italy.
This wine should be in the temperature of 12°C- 15°C .
After this great performance finished, there will be a 25 minutes fire-works playing in the sky special for you and main sponsor by ME!!! *laugh*

The band will performance for 5 songs for you. In between, we will prepare a great dinner for you and the guests.
Beside celebrating birthday, we should also show that we love Malaysia.
Our title for this dinner is 1Malaysia.
The menu is listed below:

  1. Soup of the day- Sup Tulang
  2. Appetizer- Nasi Lemak Redang ( to build up strong body)
  3. Main Course- Yee Sang (signs of wealthy and healthy)
  4. 2nd Course- Roti Canai + Dal Sambal ( increase your body cholesterol coz u look so thin)
  5. Drinks- Mixed Fruit Juice, Red Wine( bring the party "high")
  6. Fruit- Durians, Rambutan ( during the season)

And finally the party ended with a great ballroom dance with you and your partner.
Happy birthday, Kenwooi!!!!
Hope that you will like this planning for your coming birthday!!!

P/S: To whom who feel interested to join this contest, you can also visit to here !!!