Wednesday, July 28, 2010

life with color, do u think urs??

I have been long time left my blog.
Have to say sorry for that.

My life here is so complicated for being a accounting student in Malaysia.
Life= Assignments

Today I have to share something.

Everyday, people cross here and there.
Who knows what will be happen in the next seconds.
Life made of glass.
It can be broke easily, but can't be form easily.

Assignments now should be my best friend now.
Even a small things, I have to do it so smoothly and perfectly.
I want my life lives without blank.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
I know human needs more challenges for living in this complicated world.
We have to learn to face problems which can be occur every moment of live.

I believe that my life will be colorful.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I think.....

Love is nothing..
Love can't help me?
Love brings human headache?
Love can do what?

Is Love a deal?
Why Love should have sex?
Love can.....
Love will.....
Love should....
Love ...... but......

What do you think Love is?
Do I need Love?
When will be my turn to fall in Love?
How you feel when you fall in LOVE???
Any other definition for LOVE??

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need tissues paper SPONSOR

Gosh!!! I need help!!!

Starting from this semester, my noisy nose made me so headache!!!

The problem is I don't have enough money to buy enough tissues paper for sneezing those sh** things!!

I think i need a tissues paper sponsorship from premier tissue paper company...

NTPM can help me??

The thickness of tissues can reduce the times of take out tissues.

The lots of tissues i used the thinness my wallet.

My nose normally will be sneezing in the morning.

I prefer this type la...

But if this type also not bad la...

I need more tissue for my body!!!

This is my "result" for this afternoon..

Kesian, right??

Yesterday I still a healthy baby,

but today i become like this....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Birthday Celebration Plan for Ken Wooi

Haha....I should have a plan for you after thinking for few days... Happy right, KenWooi ??

Actually, I think it will be a special party for you in your life time.
On this day, there should have a orchestra band to perform some songs for you...especially your favorite songs.
In this romantic session, there should place a small coffee table beside your sit to put some red wine-Beaujolais from Italy.
This wine should be in the temperature of 12°C- 15°C .
After this great performance finished, there will be a 25 minutes fire-works playing in the sky special for you and main sponsor by ME!!! *laugh*

The band will performance for 5 songs for you. In between, we will prepare a great dinner for you and the guests.
Beside celebrating birthday, we should also show that we love Malaysia.
Our title for this dinner is 1Malaysia.
The menu is listed below:

  1. Soup of the day- Sup Tulang
  2. Appetizer- Nasi Lemak Redang ( to build up strong body)
  3. Main Course- Yee Sang (signs of wealthy and healthy)
  4. 2nd Course- Roti Canai + Dal Sambal ( increase your body cholesterol coz u look so thin)
  5. Drinks- Mixed Fruit Juice, Red Wine( bring the party "high")
  6. Fruit- Durians, Rambutan ( during the season)

And finally the party ended with a great ballroom dance with you and your partner.
Happy birthday, Kenwooi!!!!
Hope that you will like this planning for your coming birthday!!!

P/S: To whom who feel interested to join this contest, you can also visit to here !!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Current status

School reopen for almost 2 weeks.
My assignments are dropping on my body now.
Audit made me crazy....terms are so hard to memorize, made me complicated.
Taxation haven't start class yet....
Islamic Banking and Finance will those !@#$%^&*@#$%^&* Islam terms will special pronunciation.
Statistic from secondary school teach by a new fresh graduated lecturer without much experiences.
Costing lecturer with lots of 'reason' to take her MC....

Here should have some suggestions for you:
" Summer, please be strong. I am praying hard for you. May you get strong and healthy with wealthy too...I know you need some financial aids, but please try to get well soon. All the best!!"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 1st Time

I try this 1st time.
I wrote this in the bus.

Below in the post:
" In this year 2010, I am proud and lucky to live here in my age of 20. Lucky because I born in this peace country with warmness and happiness. Today is the 1st day back to college again after a semester break. During this holiday, I work, being a good daughter at home. This is my 5th semester in this college. That's mean I just left 1 more year being here with all my MALAY's friends!!!In the 2nd day, I get my result for last semester. *yeah* I get nice pointer for my last semester. May God Bless Me!!"

Daily post really meaningful.
Will do it more for next post.

I do this in the bus.
Feel tired but still capturing photo.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Party with my "good Friends"

Why do i say like that??
They are really my good friends....

Coz they are ----------- FOOD!!!

Yesterday night, we din at Bandar Manjalara.
A steamboat shop-------- MO MO PARADISE

Quite nice food with 1 bowl for 1 person.
Should have a try in it...

Various types of ingredients given..

Buffet style.
Each people cost only RM 25!!

Damn cheap...

Provide a great space for gathering.

Located at Bandar Manjalara.
Have a stop if you are there.

DOne my Job

Finally, I am free from the "jail"!!

3oth June 2010, a day for memory.
This day really made my blood increase to the boiling point.

During this time of learning, I get more and more in medic line!!
And 30th June 2010 gives me a good ending with giving me surprises.

I would like to thanks all my senior who teach me many things...

A great HUG for you all...
I will be back to join this big family again....(if got chance)
This kak Noor teach me many things, bring me walk here and there....haha
Hope you can get baby soooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn.............

My 'supervisor'...Kak Minah always feel pengsan....Must take care!!
Hope to see you soon..

And FINALLY, this is my BOSS!!!
Really made headache for US during working...but anyway she gives us effort to MOVE!!
Don't look down upon her age of 70, she do well for our association.
Mrs.Tan, thank you so much for your appreciate!!