Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy birthday, SisTER

It's 4th August...
Yes!! 4th August 2010, a wonderful day, God bring her to this world of colorful!!!

Today is my FatFat sister's 23rd birthday!!!
Time flied....This year is her 23 years old...
Although she is 23 years old, she still childish thinker!!!*wakakakakakaka*

I hope she will be more slimmer la....Big body,small head will..............
made you unbalance!!

This song is special for:

Happy birthday to YOU,
haPPy BIrTHdaY to YOU,
hAppY bIrThDaY tooooooooooooooooooo YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Have a blast one always...

P/S: that fire burning is non of your BUSINESS la, Go sleep la!!!
enjoy your SLASH CONCERT in SUnway tomorrow la...

Best wishes from US!!!

Because we are 1 FAMILY!!!

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