Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Today is a special day.
The most special day-9th November 1990
A baby was born from a family of 3 in Chinese Maternity Hospital.
With 3.0kg, long 56cm.
quick 'black'...
but nice look.
Sometimes quick crazy in his life.
Is the production of Madam. Teh And Mr. Wong.

Happy birthday to Forrest!!
May all your wishes come true..
My buddy...
Profile of Forest:
Name: Forrest
Age: 19+
Address: 123,jln abc,tmn aaa,70200 seremban.
Status: Available
Hobby: Drawing, Singing,eating,backpack travel....
Favorite food: KFC, Pizza, Macdonald....
Hopes: become an artist in his everything he loves.Travel to the world.

He is cute.Nice man, caring, many women earnestly man...
Who is interested on him, can contact me @ here.

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