Friday, November 6, 2009

Please forgive HIM!!

Just received a bad new from a friend.
My ex-schoolmate who study in Sunway Uni passed away peacefully at this morning.
I knew him because that we are prefect during primary school.
In my mind, he is selfish but when u know him well you will knew that he is a nice person.

We seldom talk because we are in different class.
He is in 6M and i 6H.
He likes to smile.But sometimes he looks serious.
He will not woke up forever!!

Dear Kah yong,
Although you already leave us, but you will always in our heart.
You will always in our mind. I hope that you will rest in peace.
We will forgive your leave
Please feel at ease.Hope that you will be the peace in the Heaven.
RIP Kah Yong. .

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