Monday, November 2, 2009


Yesterday went OneUtama for this event!!

Finally,It launch!!!
We have been waiting so long time for this!!
The MALAYSIA SONY CORPORATION finally get it on 31st October 2009.

The PS3 SLIM and PSP GO are appear now!!
PS3 SLIM is the latest model for this season.
It has a 120GB HDD, with wireless control.
It is light, slim,nice looking.
The launching price is RM 1299.

PSP GO is the latest model and it is SMaller compare to PSP-3006.

It has 2 colors,black and white.

I more prefer white version....
With Bluetooth,WiFi,High pro-memory card, Fast connection.
This PSP GO is without UMD.
It has a 16GB HDD to store games,music,video,etc.
The launching price is RM 1099.
Players are required to purchase their games with connect to PlayStation Network.

Those old PSP-1006,PSP-2000,PSP-3000...are become antique..

And conclusion: mine PSP is gonna be ANTIQUE!!!
I just bought it on year 2007.It is a limited collection.

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