Sunday, November 8, 2009

Opera Vs Mozilla Firefox

Help!! My lappie can't upload pics into Facebook.
Anyone can tell me?
I usually use Mozilla Firefox to browse.
Mozilla Firefox is the most popular internet browser to all pc...
At the beginning when i use this software to launch,there is no any problems happen during my launch.
But,when i re-format my lappie, i install it back, and i try and try and try and try to upload my pics for my FB, there is not functioning...
During the step create album, my lappie start lag!!!
Then the whole browser going to [NOT RESPONDING] !!
Then can't move..
Then i switch off...

After asking 'somebody', i uninstall it!!!

Then, someone give me a suggestion that ''why don't you can try OPERA?''

Okay, then i install Opera in...
After using, *ish*
also the same result!!
What Opera??
What Mozilla Firefox?
The most profresional is INTERNET EXPLORER!!!
Well done, internet explorer!!


Garfield said...

I assume that u r using Vista/Win7 now rite?

by the way, Firefox and Opera is both good browser.

and remember, install the up to date version!

i am using both Firefox and Opera, i dun see any problem uploading picture to FB, not even a bit lag.

Just to let u know, M$ Windows have something to block products that not made by them self and make them looks not good in Windows, so always install the latest version if u r using 3rd party softwares.

Nick Chang journal said...

thanks a lot!!

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