Thursday, April 22, 2010

The formidable of direct sales

In those college time, I found that many students like me are doing this kind of job.
Do you think that it is suitable to us who are still study and have no income but have to suffer in this DIRECT SALES????

I am totally not agree with that.
One of friend is now joining in a very triple EXPENSIVE direct sales in Malaysia.

Do you know?
She is in a single family which needs to look after another 3 little brothers and 2 grands...
And now, she have to use her savings to buy those products to prove the truth before she promote to the public.

How can you survive with those output and didn't have input at all???

I think this is not so worth because for me, an extraordinary Normal student who need to pay back to the government loan after 3 years will totally can't support those 'heavy products'.

The most terrible of those direct sales is they are now using the skill of 'mouth-to-mouth' to sale out how good is their product to those ignorant.
They just call people who are after having their product to give out their opinions to the new members.
For me, I will not believe it!!!!

Pray hard to hope that bad things will not happen to those people with their DIRECT SALES!!!

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