Thursday, April 8, 2010

Currently status

8th April 2010, I am normally sit in front of my laptop and do my blog entry.
Today, the sky look nice and feel hot with 34°C and the sunshine look big.

I am now in the library with my newspaper and sitting alone in the corner.
I feel comfort.

I just got back from the town area for my brunch with my friend.

I am full now.

I need some silent.

But, normally in the library with many windows, I do hear voices from the outside world.

Sometimes when I feel I am a busy body, I know many things which is normally 'normal people' do not know as it.

Do you think I am quick busy-body?

Could I change it?

Can you believe in such busy-body??

How can I change normal?

The final week is beside the door.

I have to study more to assure my result wouldn't drop.

Hope that I can do that!!!

Gotta head to my Business Communication class before the lecturer angry!!


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