Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gathering with frens...

Finally we are gather..
Since year 2007, we are graduated from high school, we are in different places.
The last gathering was in year 2007 when we are going to leave our high school.
Today 17th September 2009, after 2 years, WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN!!!
Since i was holiday now, so i decide to have a lunch session in my hometown with my ex-schoolmates.
In the early morning, when i post my status in fb, all my ex-schoolmates comment on it.
Wao.....what day is today??
Why all of them not in school??
Then we chat in MSN.
Actually we plan to go out at night, but since they are having tuition in the night so we plan to have a lunch session in Tarot Cafe.
We meet each others at about 1.30pm.
Then we started chit-chat there after ordering our meals and drinks.

Today we are having those foods and drinks here.
We are having a wonderful chat today...
Time pass like wind...
We are now 19th years of age.
Friends bring us enjoyable time.
I love you, friends!!!
Hope that our friendship will never end till our life end.

More photo in facebook...
It is a nice day...
Don't 4get our day trip on this coming Tuesday. *laugh*

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