Monday, September 14, 2009

mother love

What is Mother Love?
Do I have a chance to feel it anymore?
Can I get it from my mom?
Why it can happen in others people, but not me??
Mother Love is the great love in this world.
Child without Mother Love will be shirted out from this world.
They will destroyed their future.
When the children go bad, they will turn out in the world full of negative thinking.
Mother Love can't replace with money.
Mother Love is most valuable thing in this world.

Last Friday, when i am in the ktm on my way to Subang Jaya, there is a really touching tableau appear in front of me--------Mother Love
The scene happen with.....
This is a Indonesian family.The baby was born in last 4 months.
They are from Nilai. From the beginning, the baby girl is normal.
But after 5 minutes, the baby girl cry.
She is hungry.
I think the parents will give her milk in the bottle.
The mother give her breast feed in the train.
OMG!!!! So many people inside the train, how to feed???
As I say, Mother Love is great.
The mother put a cloth on the baby, then cover her.
Then the mother lift her shirt then start to feed the baby.
If this happen to me when I am a baby, I am the most well-being person in this world.
This will not happen to me again.
Actually I feel I am the luckiest.
I grown up in the normal family although with some unhappy story.
But, my dad give me the great things since i was born.
Although i lack of Mother Love, I have many others people love me.
They get me the wonderful life.
Thank God!!

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