Sunday, December 20, 2009

Penang trip 2009

Finally, i am back from this wonderful, nice trip!!
A big thank you to Mr.Pheh It How who accompany us in this wonderful trip.
Besides sight-seeing, I took quick many photos in this trip.

We start our trip with 1 cup of tea.

After 5 hours, we arrived at Sg.Nibong bus station.

who is from Penang, fetch us there.
Then we go for our 1st meal in Penang here.
We had our Char Kuey Teow at a food court near Air Hitam.

Then we continue our trip to have our next meal....*laugh*

In this trip, I learn a word-"打底'' *laugh*
Because every meals are served in small size!!*sad*

P.S://this is only day 1...i will be upload it on my next post, because 1 time can only upload 5 photos.
Stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

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Nick Chang journal said...

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