Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally, I get it!!

Today i just go back to Sunway.
This time i really rush back there.
Purpose is: take my MRT card to Singapore on this coming Friday.
WT...... *laugh*

Only a card, I rush there and go back again to Seremban within 5 hours.....*laugh*

After complete my mission, I get into Sunway Pyramid and get my lunch in ZenMai Sushi....
Not bad...*laugh*
Quick nice food with nice environment.....
Cooks are all handsome guys!!*laugh*
Food are all in good taste compare to the old days....*laugh*

Then, walk through the old wings.....
And i realize that i want to have some donuts for my auntie and mom...

Then ran there...
Krispy Kreme!!!
This is it...
I bought 2 dozen for them....
Original glazed & Mixed glazed with other favorite....Not bad..
This 2 dozen should with 1 dozen for the original glazed...WT!!!!
Why can't i have all mixed favorite???

It costs me rm 37.90 for 2 dozen!!
Is it worth?
It worth for my stomach....*laugh*

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