Monday, March 14, 2011

Streamyx??? TmPoint???

Internet, a component that cannot be away from my life every moment.
From the beginning of the month, I already get such services from our dearest Streamyx!!!
They provide me a "good" service for my internet....
The speed totally can't made me do anything from the web...
I need a fast speed internet!!!
Streamyx really SUCK!!!
I do my complains N times, but they still give me such F*** services!!
What for I pay so much for it, but I get THIS!!!
Even the speed meter too, I can't do any speed test from Streamyx portal....
I used P1WiMAX speed meter to test it!!!
Really stupid line giving me headache!!
I need to download with such turtle's speed??? *gosh*

What can I do now????
My hometown not coverage area for P1WiMAX also!!!
How to solve such headache problem???
I try 3 times!!!
The speed really..........................*speechless*

1st time, it gives me this!!!

 2nd time, it gives me this!!

 3rd time, it gives me THIS!!


hon fai said...

do u close all ur internet browser or everything that may used up internet services while testing the speed????

Nick Chang journal said...

yes!! but still run like tat!!kelian la....haiz...>.<