Friday, March 11, 2011

The world starts to warn US

Just few hours before, in the other side of the global, our neighborhood, Japan is being destroy!!
This nightmare had make most of them lost everything in just a second.
Tsunami, a big earthquake, made the whole world not even Japan, but also some others places like Hawaii, Philippines, Sabah, Labuan, etc. become debris.

Why it HAPPENED???
Human beings, we should awake now!!
Please safe the world now!!
Reduce such human beings' disaster now!!

Tsunami is going to attack Russia too....

Guys and gals, let's pray hard to the world.
Please don't made our world end on 2012!!
Hope all my Japanese friends are being okay!!
Take care!!

1 comment:

hon fai said...

we are start being warned when 1999...jus human din realize