Thursday, April 2, 2009

A short trip to melaka....

Tdy actually is sch day.....but v decide to go to visit melaka after class!!!
since thr is a cancellation of class, so v plan to go melaka jalan-jalan....
the 1st place tat v visit in the mini Malaysia located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka.
it is 5 minutes from Ayer Keroh Tol.U can find it after u pass by the Hotel Seri Malaysia. It is at ur left hand side.

The entrance fee is Rm 6 per person.If u bring along ur matrix card, u will get a discount from them.
These r sum description abt Mini Malaysia:
1. Mini Malaysia is a place to explore the various types of traditional Malaysian houses in 13 states in Malaysia.

2. At present, the collection of structures is not quite complete as those from the countries just accepted into ASEAN have not been erected yet.

3.Although the designs and structures of the houses are similar, they are by no means identical. Each has a variation according to the lie of the land, the weather and the animals that share the land with the people.

Then v continue our journey to the Melaka Zoo which is located 10 meters from here.....

Some introduction abt Melaka Zoo:
1.Zoo Melaka was originally established by the Melaka State Government in 1963 atop 54 acres (21.2 ha) in Ayer Keroh as a fledgling tourist destination.

The Zoo currently features a handsome collection of more than 1,200 animals from the world over. Representing more than 200 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

3.The Zoo is also renowned around the world for its Malayan Tiger captive breeding program.

4.Zoo Melaka also functions as a center for wildlife research, conservation breeding, zoo education center and a popular tourist destination along the following areas.


Finally, v went to hv our lunch in Dataran Pahlawan opposite the Mahkota Parade.

Although it was a short trip, but v felt very happy and enjoyable.Besides study, v hv to know how to relax our brain and enjoy our life.During resting, v can think more for our future.Living in tis world is not for juz study and also learn to be more knowledgeable. Study in books can help us to increase our knowledge in few field.But if v learn from the environment besides us, u will get more compare to the things tat we learn from the books.Tat means besides travel, v also learn to manage ourself in the true path.....Travel can also grow up our mind....If u think to do now, get though!!!Dun wait until time past....

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