Friday, April 17, 2009


Now a days, many people are talking about enzymes...
Many types of enzymes being in the market, such as fruit enzymes,rubbish enzymes,garbage enzymes and etc.
How to make fruit enzymes at home??

It's very easy to do it urself.
You just need to follow the steps below, and you will make it during free time.

The ingredients include:
-20 green apples
-6 lemons
-500 g organic sugar

The steps:

(1) Wash the fruits and let them air dry.

(2) Wash the jars, knife, peeler, chopping board and air dry them.

**It’s important to have everything dry without water, to prevent contamination, growing mold or bad bacteria.

(3) When everything is dry, you can start peeling the apples and lemons and cut them into slices.

(4) Lay one layer of the apple slices in the jar, one layer of sugar, one layer of lemon slices, one layer of sugar, and continue this process until the jar is full.

(5) Close the jar and put it at a corner without direct sunlight.

(6) You should see bubbles forming on the second days.

(7) On the third day, open the jar to let the bubbles out.

(8) Close back the jar and let the fermentation goes on for another 2-3 weeks.

(9) Sieve the liquid out and you can use the remnants to make jam or drink.

Happy making enzymes at home!!!!

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