Saturday, April 18, 2009


Tdy i m very happy coz i received sum1 call tat she/he already received the thing i post to her/him..
I realized tat she/he already put down the big stone in her/his heart and start our relationship from beginning...
I really need somebody encourage me in
my life time.

I knew that my friend of this will always in my mind.
I will always remember those things that we do,face and etc in last time.
I really happy when i received your call.
When i heard from you, I realized that you are now very happy compare to that time you faced problem.
I am looking forward to your future life time.
Keep on, my friend.

Although you are far from me, but I will always remember you in my mind forever.
Please let all your worried away.
May God Bless You!!!
Happy Birthday To You.....

Hope sadness gone soon.
Happiness is always beside you.
Keep it On, Friend.
Everything in this world will still on wherever what mood are you in.
Don't pull yourself too tight.
Suitable rest help us to walk much longer journey in life.

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