Thursday, April 30, 2009

Camp in Taman Botanikal, Melaka

On the 24 April 2009, I had been chosen from my college to attend a patriotism camp in Taman Botanikal, Melaka. This camp is hold by the Youth and Sport Department of the State Government of Melaka. This camp start on 24 April and end on the 26th April 2009. There 106 participants included 99 malays, 7 chinese and 10 indians. The purpose of organising this camp is to improve the patriotic between the youth. It also helps us to learn to be more independent.

On the 1st day, we are sent by the college bus to the camp site. After 45 minutes, we arrived at taman botanikal,melaka.
After waiting few minutes, we are all starting to walk-in to the 'little jungle'.
During walking, we saw many monkeys in both sides. There are many trees and plants.

After arrived in the 'jungle', we register our self. Then we do some cleaning in there.
They are sweeping the floor using legs...
Then we are having our 'high tea' in this 'high class' open air restaurant.
At the nite, we are attending the talk in the little hall.
After the talk, we take group photo with the sir.
This talk is all for non-muslim.
Here are some of them...

At the nite on the 1st day, we are all having a challenge inside the jungle.
We are all be called to walk alone along the jungle to reach a place with lights.
Along the walk, there are no lights provided.
We have to walk by feeling it.
Sometimes you will saw somethings beside you.
The walk takes me 10 minutes to reach the destination.
1 of the girl felt scary until she cried.

During the walk, I dun feel anythings, coz i m very tired and sleepy.
I continue walking until i reach the destination.

The next day, we are attending the 'ceramah' in the whole day.
Because of yesterday nite din sleep well, I doing' finishing' during all the ceramah.
I try making myself vigor, but i cant do it.
In this day, there are totally 4 ceramah and all talking abt ALLAH.

At 5pm, we are doing sukan neka in the field.
That is feeling better beside sitting in the hall listening those 'rubbish'.
I had involved myself in 3 activities.
I feel very fun.
This time i stop 'fishing'!!!

On the same nite, we are giving a chance to do performance.
Our group is doing dancing on tat nite.
Some are doing sketch.
A boy is propose with his 'girl friend'.
So romantic......

On the 3 rd, it also the last day in the camp, we all having jungle trekking.
Besides jungle trekking, we also having station games.
I feel myself is training like in the national service.
We have to do physical training, 'spa-Q',walking on the river......

The camp ended at 26 April 2009 on 3 pm.

These are my group members.

1 of my friend from politeknik merlimau.

friend from politeknik kota melaka

our college representative....

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