Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, HOLIDAY!!!

Finally, the semester ended with MUET!!
This morning I just finished my paper then terus drive back to home.
The paper is nice to write.
The main reason is I PAY FOR IT for RM60!!
So, I have to write what ever I like or I think.
RM 60 for only 4 papers.
Is it worth??
Actually, we just use few papers to answer the questions.
I have just only 90 minutes to complete the papers.*GOSH*
Can the time be more longer?
For my reading paper, I even not enough time to answer it due to the long passages given.
Most of them choose to tembak the answer, but I read it carefully so that no mistakes can be appear in my papers.
I hope I can do well and get well result for it.
Not only for MUET, but other subjects!!

Now, it's time for me to work during this long semester break.
I have to start my work on the coming Monday.
I will work in the same office.
Facing the same management, doing the same things, walking the same roads.....
Hopefully that the only will change is my SALARY!!!wakakakakakakakaka
Who else can provide me a great paid??
Come on, generous!!
I will do well for YOU!!
It's time to eat,sleep,play now!!


ken said...

time to enjoy :)

Albert said...

MUET is an exciting exam really. No regrets of paying 60 bucks and getting an OK result hehehe....

Damn there's a lot of snacks there

melmonica said...

I like the last pics! Junk food!!

Nick Chang journal said...

@ken yes yes yes..but i can't!!

@albert ooo..but 60 bucks...expensive la!! hope i can get great result.

@melmonica hehe...junk food nice leh..but can't take more!!

Bean said...

the junk food on your bed.... make me sweat~~~ haha...

wishing for your visit~~